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10 Times Our Moms Help Us Become Better Students

Mothers make the best teachers, and you know it.

From the moment you said your first word up to now that you’re making sense of everything as a teenager full of questions (and hormones), their years of experience are a gold mine of wisdom you can count on, whether for a quick chat or a sit-down lecture. Most of the time, a lecture—sorry mom!

As we celebrate mothers around the globe, let’s reminisce the times they didn’t hold back even for a second to make us better students at school, and in life.  


1. When she helps you finish that school project

Need ideas for your dance costume? Mom’s gotchu. Need help with your science experiment? Mom’s gotchu. Need someone to trace your family tree? Mom’s gotchu. Whether it’s something in her field of expertise or something totally new to her, you can count on your mom to help you ace your school project!

2. When she makes sure you perfected your lines

Let’s be honest. Your mom is your biggest fan, but she is also your toughest critic. That’s why you singing, dancing, or acting in a school play—regardless if you’re a tree!—is a big deal! She will devote her precious time to help you rehearse your lines or routine. And she’ll make sure you slay the performance from the moment you step on stage until you take your final bow.

3. When she gives you extra baon

There are days when expenses are too much that your wallet cries. Even if it literally can’t. When this happens, your mom doesn’t hesitate to pull in extra moolah to get you through. After an hour-long lecture on savings, that is. Matitiis ka ba niya?

4. When she entertains your classmates at home

When a school day isn’t enough to work on a group project, it’s inevitable not to spend extra hours at someone’s home just to finish it. At times, that someone is you. Good thing you have your mom on duty, making sure the house is sparkly clean and there’s enough food to go around for a hungry group of students. You the real MVP, mom!

5. When she blocks off her busy schedule for PTA meetings

That’s it. We’re calling it. Moms are superheroes with real superpowers. Their number one strength is probably doing a thousand things all at the same time. That’s why attending PTA meetings is one gesture that speaks so much about what she values (that’s you!) and it never fails to touch your heart.

6. When she cheers the loudest at every school event

Got an event coming up? Expect your mom to attend. Sitting in the front row. Chatting with the parents around her. Telling them about you. And you might find it borderline humiliating, but you gotta admit it always feels good to have someone support you wholeheartedly. Go ahead and hug your mom!


7. When she posts every achievement you have on social media

And just like what every proud parent does, your mom’s social media feed is full of your face and achievements. And maybe a lil’ mix of quotes here and there. Even your whole barangay is updated with the latest happenings in your life. Now, you’ve got a bunch of supporters waiting for your graduation! No pressure.

8. When she is literally one call away

There is hardly anyone who has never called their moms for an SOS from school. Whether it’s a health emergency or a school requirement you forgot at home, you can’t help but be grateful you have your mom’s number on speed dial. What a lifesaver!

9. When she listens to your stories every day after school

There are good school days when your stories are full of hope and laughter (especially when you get a good grade!), but there are also bad days when some things just feel off and nothing’s going as planned. While your mom talks a lot, she knows when to listen. And that’s one of the many things you love about her.

10. When she says the right words at the right time

There is some unexplainable assurance that only moms can give. You know that one look, one smile, one “come here” they do even if you don’t say a word? We don’t know how they do it (maternal instinct, maybe?) but you just gotta be grateful you have a mom to remind you everything’s gonna be fine. Even if everything at school looks crazy.


Every mom wants the best for her child. And these moments are just a glimpse of the gazillion things your mom would do for you in a heartbeat. What are the things you’re grateful for about your mom? Whether it’s one or all ten, don’t forget to let her know you appreciate her this Mother’s Day and every single day.

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