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Must Watch: 4 Inspiring Women In Non-Traditional Careers

2018 has been a great year for women—from ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ star Constance Wu being the first Asian woman in 50 years to get nominated as Best Actress at the Golden Globes, to our very own Catriona Gray winning Miss Universe. No doubt, girls are unstoppable.

Gone are the days of gender stereotypes, as we see women defying norms and excelling in every field.

And success feels all the more attainable when we hear about inspirational women close to home: Concentrix business leader Ivic Mueco, Women in Tech co-project lead Marla Abao, Life After Breakfast founder Alessa Lanot, and first Filipino woman forensic pathologist Dr. Raquel Fortun.

Each story inspires young girls to fulfill their potential, regardless of society’s expectations. We’ve gathered them here to bring you the words and reassurance you need as you go for your goals in school, the workplace, and in life—with some key takeaways:

  • Girl Talk: An Industrial Engineering Student Meets The Country Leader of Concentrix

The tech field knows no gender. Man or woman, anyone can succeed and contribute their skills to the industry.

Likewise, tech knows no age. The ability to make a positive impact in the field transcends generations. So it is true for Women in Tech co-project lead and college student Marla Abao, and Concentrix country leader Ivic Mueco.

They may come from different generations but they share the same struggles and hopes as a woman in tech.

Ivic, an empowered woman in her own right, encourages young girls who hope to make it in their respective fields—non-traditional career or otherwise: “You don’t let the public define who you are. You don’t let what you read define who you are.” A must-watch for young women who dream of changing the world through tech!

  • Life After Breakfast Founder Alessa Lanot Talks About Life as an Artist

If you’ve ever been discouraged to pursue the arts as a profession (“Walang pera diyan!”) Alessa Lanot is living proof that passion can meet practicality.

The well-known pattern designer and watercolor teacher shares nuggets of wisdom for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs.

Pursuing one’s dreams may not be an easy route, especially for a “non-traditional” career, but it is possible to overcome.

  • Seeing Dead People: Forensic Pathologist Dr. Raquel Fortun

“Messy stuff and smelly things” come with the job of investigating the dead—one that society does not expect women to be fit to handle.

But passion is unfazed by social norms. First Filipino woman forensic pathologist Dr. Raquel Fortun talks about her love for the profession and determination to follow her own path despite everybody’s opinions.

Girls can be whatever they want to be. For more stories and information for the empowered young woman,

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