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5 Tips in Choosing a Career

Question, question, question

The first thing you should do is to start asking questions. Ask yourself for example ‘what are you good at’ and ‘what are passionate about’. Take baby steps in figuring out what you like to do. It is also good to ask your peers, relatives, and mentors questions to clarify as many things as possible. Asking questions is the first step towards discovery.


Begin your research. Learn more and more about the different careers, what they entail, what schools offer the same or similar program, or any info you can get your hands on. Knowledge is power.


What better way to find out what you like than going for hands-on experiences. Simple things like volunteering in animal shelters, getting a summer job, doing art by the park, or trying out for the junior league can help you figure out what you are actually interested in. Nothing beats immersing yourself and finding what you are passionate about.

Seeking Professional Help

Still confused and afraid to make the wrong choice? Nothing wrong with professional help. There are several testing centers that provide comprehensive aptitude tests. Check those out to find out what would be best occupations for you.


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