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5 Words You Should Never Say in an Interview!

Getting an invitation for that dream job of yours can be a very exciting time especially for first-time job seekers or if you’ve been looking for a job in while.
While there are tons of tips out there on how you can impress your interviewer, your chances can be all too easy to kill by just saying a few of these deadly words. Beware of these 5 words you should never say in an interview!

Hate is a very strong word and no one likes to work with a hater! Saying “hate” can label you as a negative person or a whiner. Instead of saying things you do hate, you’ll be better of mentioning things you actually like.
I’m sure there was a time that you’ve seen this in a list of clever ways to impress your interviewer but trust us, don’t. If you are being asked for your “weakness” just go ahead and be honest. Any future boss worth impressing will only be left cringing if you use this phrase.
90% of the time, hard work will beat the hell out of “talent” so do not expect anyone to be impressed by your ‘talents’ alone. Let them appreciate your talents through examples of your successful projects.
Don’t bother bringing up mistakes you have made before unless you are being asked specifically to. They don’t need to know about it. And if they bring it up, make sure to point out how it led for you to make significant improvements professionally.
5. Uhmm
Of course the list will not be complete without speech fillers! Practice makes perfect. Try, not only during interviews, to eliminate these words in your vocabulary and thank us later. Not only do they make you seem unprepared in your interview, it makes you look unsure of yourself too.
Now that you are aware these 5 deadly words, make sure to always speak with honesty and humility during interviews because personality is still key!

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