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Architect: Building Your Life

Amazed at how thoughts turn out to be gigantic structures all around? You fancy becoming a creator as well? Check out some of these movies, games, and books & magazines about architecture!


My Architect: A Son’s Journey: Like father, like son. Nathaniel Kahn, a filmmaker, allows us into the world of his father, Louis Kahn, a famous architect. He created a documentary about Louis’ career and how he inspired, not only aspiring architects but also his family to work hard and dream big. Both successful in their chosen fields, this film will surely inspire you to chase dreams! 

Housesitter: Surprise, surprise. This movie will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat! Newton Davis, a struggling architect, just finished his dream home but everything goes downhill when his girlfriend rejects his proposal. He unexpectedly meets Gwen, a waitress who secretly moves into his house while he was out of town. If you like surprises and romantic comedies then this is definitely a must see.

The Lake House: A story between a doctor (Kate) and an architect (Alex) must sound pretty cliché but this movie is everything but. The two live in the same beautiful house by a lake, the only twist is that they live in different points in time and communicate by writing letters then leaving them in the mailbox. Check it out and discover a place between fantasy and reality!


Minecraft: Build and create. Minecraft adjusts well according to the user. Having a choice of the different modes such as survival, creative, and adventure have really expanded this game’s fan base. Being able to build using 3D textured cubes and discover new maps made by players will definitely awaken the virtual architect in you! 

Sim City: A virtual world where you can build and create according to how you like is a fun and great way to showcase your creativity. This game is a great one to play if you are an aspiring architect! You create your own developmental zones and even have to work and build on a budget while making sure you keep the citizens happy. Sounds like the real world to me!

The Architect: Try out this science-fiction labyrinth game. It’s set at the edge of creation, not know what will happen next. Literally, each move you make gets you to a certain destiny.

Books & Magazines

Modern Architecture A-Z (Peter Gossel): The architect under the spotlight.  This is a great book if you want to know more about the architects themselves. Many books prefer to highlight the buildings or blueprints and not the minds behind them. Here you will see different drawings and photographs of iconic architects and their works. Inspiration and motivation are in this book! 

BluPrint Magazine: Engaging and visually satisfying. This magazine will surely show you the beauty and importance of design. The first in the Philippines, BluPrint has made a name for themselves as the only local magazine to focus on the different aspects of architectural, interior, and industrial design. Feed your imagination and creativity as you flip through the pages!

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