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BPO Themed Movies, Games, and Books

Interested in entering one of the most diversified and fast-growing sectors in the country? Try out the IT-BPO Industry! Begin with these: some of the movies, games, books & magazines we suggest you check out!


Call Center Girl: A movie about a mother accidentally entering into the same Call Center her estranged daughter works. She’s given another chance to mend her relationship with her daughter. Found out to see what happens!

call center girl

Mumbai Calling: Call centers were and still is big in India. Here’s a T.V. series about Kenny Gupta, an indian born in England. Having live in the U.K. all his life, Kenny is in for a culture shock!

mumbai calling

Outsourced: To keep a business alive, sometimes drastic measure are made. Call-center manager Todd receives shocking news that the company is closing down and moving India. Watch as he leads the transition, meet people from different walks of life, learn a new culture, and falls in love.



I Get this Call Every Day: This game was created based on first-hand experience in a call center job. Try navigating through the calls and complaints of clients without irritating them while following business books.

i get this call everyday

Books & Magazines

Call Centers for Dummies: As the title suggests: quick and easy way learning the ins and outs of the call centers

call center for dummies

Call Center Management on Fast Forward: Succeeding the New Era of Customer Relationships (3rd Edition): The most widely read book on call center management! Get extensive knowledge, clarity, and guidance in managing a call center.

call center management on fast forward

Breakthroughs: Learn about the Philippine BPO industry through IBPAP’s very own newspaper – Breakthroughs. What better way than to receive news from the industry association itself.

Having fun so far? Check out our Career Conversations section and watch a video of BPO Executives speak about their work and academic journey! Learn what a BPO Agent or Manager does day in and day out! Click here to find out more.


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