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Here’s How You Should Answer Interview Questions

Finally a cheat sheet that I can use for job interviews!

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Tell me something about yourself.

How to answer: If you have no job experience yet then begin with your education – school you attended and the course you took – then connect it with the skills you gained and how it can help you with your work. Also, try to tell them your internship and the things you learned from it. Mention why you want to work with their company and the reason behind for choosing the job in that career.

If you already have a job experience, give a short summary of your work background and highlight the skills that you gained from your previous work experiences. Try to share some insights of how you work and the impact you made in your last job.



What is your greatest weakness?

How to answer: Be sincere and honest. Don’t answer this by picking your key potential and downplaying it as your weakness. Describe a true opportunity area. A good answer to this question comes from a place of self-awareness. You can also answer by giving a point to improve on and identifying the process in overcoming it.


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What can you offer in this company? / Why should we hire you?

How to answer: Humility is one way of answering this but be specific. You can mention your key success back in school or in your organizations. You can tell an achievement you had and you can relate it to the organization. By reapplying your skills, you can mention an opportunity not only for you to have professional growth but also contribute to the cause of the company. Mention your soft skills and highlight your potential asset in the company. You may not have much experience but it doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to offer.


How long do you intend to stay in this company?

How to answer: Don’t be pressured into giving an exact time period. Be short and sweet. You are not getting any assurances or signed deals immediately in this interview – its very nature is exploratory! You don’t need to commit a specific answer but be direct and confident. For example, “I intend to stay as long as I’m engaged and productive with my job, boss and company.”


Do you have any questions for me?

How to answer: Don’t leave without asking any questions! This is a great opportunity to ask the interviewer some questions about the company such as the company culture, the expected output from you, or the person you will be reporting to. Ask questions because it will be hard to enter a job without preparing yourself with what youa re about to go to.

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Key tip: Smile and keep the energy up. Make a firm handshake and show you are confident with yourself.

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