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This Work Skills Toolkit Will Help You Get That Job

The things we do to get a job.


Whether you are going for an internship or applying for a job, your skills will determine how likely you will be able to get that position. You can develop your skills through experience and training. These skills are also your weapons whenever you are having your job interview because these will give the employer an overview of the kind of worker that you are.

In the workplace, there are two kinds of skills: technical skills and soft skills! Technical skills relate to a particular occupation as part of your ability to accomplish specific tasks like programming, writing, cooking, or welding. These skills are gained through learning and training that will enhance your expertise in your workplace.

Meanwhile, soft skills are one of the most you should value. According to a survey by DOLE, the deficiency, or lack of soft skills such as interpersonal, social, and communication skills is a key reason why they are not hiring people. Soft skills are so valuable: they are the reason employers hire, keep, and promote an employee.

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These soft skills are:

  • Communication. Communication skills are more than just being able to get your message across but also listening to the feedback you will get. You should be able to influence and persuade your audiences to share or to take part in the process. Communication is an art itself of listening. Being an effective listener is also an efficient speaker.


  • Critical thinking. Critical thinking is important when solving issues or problems. By analyzing the problem first before forming any judgment or action, you will be able to form sustainable or effective solutions. This is important for employers because they are looking for independent and trustworthy kind of employees.


  • Collaboration. Teamwork plays a big part of the working environment. You will meet various kinds of people and even will be able to work in a culturally diverse organization. It is important for you to be able to adapt this skill because it will be a lot easier to achieve the company goals if everyone is working towards it together.


  • Flexible. Just like technological advancements and cultural changes, you should be flexible with your working environment. You can become a valuable asset to the company if you will be able to proactively take action as the work progresses.

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  • Time management. You might be facing deadlines as early as the beginning of the day. Employers are looking for team members who can properly manage their time and keep the stress at bay. Because work never ends, you should be able to handle your time efficiently and effectively.


  • Hardwork. If you are a quick learner and determined to finish your work, then you re most likely to move faster in the ladder of success! These skills may get you in the company but going in is as hard as staying inside and working your way up. If you are on-time and self-motivated, your job will not be a work and will be a fun thing to do instead.

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