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Career Preparation Tips for TESDA Graduates

There are numerous opportunities, both local and abroad, for those who have completed their programs under the Technological Education and Skills Development Authority (or TESDA) –all you need to know are the smart steps to take so you can land a job faster.

If you haven’t had any luck yet in finding the right opening that best fits your certification, consider these career tips before you end up looking in all the wrong places.


  • Take the Self-Assessment Guide by TESDA – The most important thing to ask yourself before you search for an opening is: “Am I qualified for the position I’m looking for?” While the pressure to meet urgent needs can be stressful and leaves little room to be selective, you also want to make sure that you perform well once you get into the company of your choice. This online resource will help you determine your skills and knowledge, areas of improvement, and highlight the learning gaps that would still need more practice. Afterwards…


  • Join a Facebook forum page – Nowadays, one of the best ways to build a network and seek out opportunities is to join Facebook groups. You can join the “TESDA Graduates forum/sharing page” to connect with others who have already gone through the job-hunting phase and are even posting job and workshop opportunities themselves. Don’t forget to make the most your membership by asking all the questions you have in mind (chances are, others have the same inquiries but are probably too shy to post).


  • Attend a resume writing workshop – If you’ve already found a job opening you feel confident about, the next step is to brush up your resume. If you’re running out of time to search for a workshop, take a look at these sample resumes by JobStreet.com for a quick reference. You can also check out this career guide by Brandeis University to make sure that what you have written is strong, clear and appealing to potential employers. Another option is to have a trusted friend/professional give their honest impression of your profile and help you out in editing it.


  • Listen to the pro – To help you set more realistic expectations and gain some inspiration, why not listen to well-known, professional experts who’ve already reached the peak of their careers? Career Conversations is a video series by Edukasyon.ph featuring the likes of Atom Araullo, Rajo Laurel, Erwan Heussaff and even kuya Kim Atienza as they share what it takes to thrive in their respective professions. ‘


  • Create accounts on LinkedIn and Jobstreet – It’s much easier nowadays to search for a job that matches your preferred location, position, salary offer, and other criteria thanks to websites like Jobstreet. On LinkedIn, (which is a more modern, visual resume where you can build your network) potential employers can look up your profile and browse through your past work experience and even your achievements.


  • Learn how to improve your branding – If you aren’t looking towards employment and are thinking about starting your own business instead, learn how to start a Facebook page where you can easily promote your services/products. Or, you can even start your own blog so that people can easily see important info like your product descriptions, rates, branch locations, customer testimonials, etc. To see more proven and tested tips for branding, read this article by Entrepreneur.

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