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Electrician: Start That Electrifying Career

Being a Master Electrician might just be the shock you are looking for. Start off with a movie about the career, some books that can guide you along the way, and a game that just might fancy your interest.


The Electrician: A movie about Marvin, an electric chair executioner who loses his job. Because government decided to ban executions, Marvin is forced to bring his exceptional electrical skills. What’s interesting is that he is quite confused as to what he should do now. Feel like you’re in the same boat? Watch and find out what he does and it might just help you with your career decisions.

Books and Magazines

On-Site Guide: This guidebook is intended to prepare electricians to deal with small and even micro-installations through providing essential information in a very user-friendly form and tone. Perfect for electrician candidates and competent electricians to guide them in further developing their art!

Collins Complete Wiring and Lighting: The number one guidebook to home wiring and lighting. Included are user-friendly graphics with comprehensive instruction. Advice about the use of tools and equipment with the respective proper techniques are found in this ultimate guidebook. Read and a must-have for both Do-It-Yourself types and experts alike.


V4 Electrical: Troubleshooting and the use of electrical equipment can be dangerous and difficult. This is one profession you do not want to commit a mistake in. We cannot stress enough the importance of troubleshooting skills! So try out this game, ideal for learning electrical troubleshoot in a controlled and safe environment. Develop those skills and keep safe!

Having fun so far? Check out our Career Conversations section and watch a video of an electrician talk about his/her work and academic journey! Learn what electricians do day-in and day-out! Click here to find out more.

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