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Engineers: Charging Towards the Future

Calling out all engineers at heart! Creating megastructures, bridging islands, making it possible to fly out into the universe. If you’re interested, you might want to start off with these movies, games, and books & magazines.


Three Idiots: MUST WATCH! “Learning is not memorizing the exact words from the book. Learning is understanding it and being able to explain it in your own words.” (Rancho, 2009)

Flash of Genius: Always waiting for that light bulb moment, that flash of a genius moment that can get you and your future children set for life. Watch as the events unfold.

Megastructures: A documentary series on extreme engineering and construction! Building the biggest, the worst, the tallest, the longest structures in this earth!


Medieval Engineers: A sandbox game set in the medieval era. Brush up your engineering, construction, and design skills by using medieval technology in building your empire.

Bridge Builder: A bridge-building puzzler where you use beams and suspension cables to create bridges and allows passage. Build a bridge and help the truck reach the flag! Engineering and Physics in play.

ENGINEERING.com: Games & Puzzles are a great way in building that engineering spirit in you! Cool logo too!

Books and Magazines

The Making of An Expert Engineer (by James Trevelyan): Principles of engineering practice! A decade of research on engineers and their works found in this book. The knowledge you must get to understand.

EE Times: Check out this Electrical Engineering magazine! You can every subscribe to get weekly updates!

Gadgets Magazine: Gadgets Magazine features electronic equipment and high-tech trends and more! Redefining the term “tech lifestyle” with a fresh new look with new exciting concepts.


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