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Fresh-Grad Resume Writing Basics!

A Resume is a background summary about a job seeker. It contains a jobseeker’s education, work history, and achievements. There is the most common document requested of applicants in job applications.For fresh graduates, academic achievements are to be included that focuses on responsibility, teamwork, and reliability. The resume should generate the interests of prospective employers and open doors for an interview. In other words, it is a personal brochure with the aim of marketing the job seeker.

Make it short and concise.

Ideally, your resume should be at most two pages long. The content should contain your personal information, academic background, work history, and your awards and accomplishments. Screeners go through thousands of applicants and they may not be interested in reading a very lengthy resume.

Keep it professional.

Make the distinction between work and personal life. No need to include information such religious. political, and social opinions in your resume.

Picture or no picture?

In some cases, employers may require a picture while others do not. Double check if it’s a requirement or not and if not the choice is up to you. Although, keep in mind that there are cases where your photo can become a source of prejudicial preference of an employer. Well – you know what they say – a picture can speak a thousand words.

Be a grammar nazi.

Double check your grammar, spellings, punctuations, paper format, font, font size – everything! Make sure it’s as perfect as it can be. You always want to make a dashing first impression.

Practice makes perfect.

Edit until perfect. That two-page paper is will represent who you are and what you have endured till this point in life. Carry and send it out proudly!
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