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Get Ready for the Interview of Your Life!

If your paperwork lands you a job interview then great! Don’t celebrate just yet though cause this is where things get rough. The job interview is a perfect way to gauge if this is the right fit for both the Jobseeker and the Employer. Job interviews can be a grueling process in the pre-employment phase of a job seeker. It is the time when a potential employer confirms the written qualifications of the applicant.

The written phase has passed. Now, it is time to show them you can talk the talk and walk the walk. Be ready to defend your qualifications, as well as show your true character and attitude.


Most common Job Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself. This is probably the first question to be asked. Keep your answers always short, concise, and interesting. Keep in mind, though, that the interview process starts not when the first question is thrown but rather the moment you enter the room.

Why do you want to work here? This question is used to gauge the level of interest and understanding the Jobseeker has on the position he/she applied for and the company as a whole. Diligently do you research about the company, know its mission and vision, the services they offer, and the different clientele. Be sharp and clever to come up with relevant answers. Keep away from generic answers like “Find yourself” or “Looking for personal growth”.

Why should we hire you? This is arguably the most important question your employer will ask you. The best way to tackle this question is to give an example of your past contributions, how it was beneficial, and how you can replicate it in the company. This is the opportunity when you can showcase all the things you are proud of, the strengths you can bring to the company.

What are your strong points and your weaknesses? Your strengths and weaknesses define the characteristics that make you eligible to the position. More than just stating your strengths, its best to give examples on how these manifested. For weaknesses, practice humility – nobody is perfect – but do not mistake it for false humility. Show where you struggle but turn it around to something positive with how you dealt with your weaknesses.

How do you handle pressure and stress? Stress is something very common in the workplace and being able to deal with it can be a strength. It would be good to cite instances on how you handled stress in the past.

What are your passions? What gets you up in the morning? The question is meant to understand the Jobseekers motivation to work. This also shows the interests, hobbies, and communities the job seeker involves him/herself with.

Tell me about your previous job. The interviewer may want to know about your working history. The question aims to surface an applicant’s work experience, assignments, and relationship with his/her previous employment. The question may also surface the reason for leaving his/her previous work.

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