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How to Start Your Job Application Journey

New at this job thing? Or want to get it right the second time around? Here are some tips on how to start your job application journey.

Start with the people you know. The first rule in networking is to start with who you know. Family, friends, and acquaintances are networks of yours that can help you in your job applications.

Meet new people. You can never have too many contacts. You can start off meeting friends of friends as you expand your network. Rapport can help accelerate the application process.

Be polite and respectful. When introducing yourself, make sure you are polite and respectful. Good behavior shows good character. Employers will always look for a person with a positive attitude.

Confidence is key. You should exude confidence. A confident person is easily noticeable and likable. It shows that you are worth referring and can work at any given time.

Readied Resume. Provide a resume to interested networks so they get a better grasp of your professional persona. Don’t forget that cover letter too!

Follow-up! Keep in touch with your network. Follow-up if need be. Just be considerate and note that he/she may be busy so practice patience as well.

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