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Inspiring Movies, Books, and Games for the Lawyer in You!

Get inspired to be the best lawyer! Start now and engage yourself in fun movies, games, and books & magazines we recommend!


The Lincoln Lawyer: A battle of ethics. Watch as Mick Haller, a defense lawyer, takes part in a lawsuit with evidence that links back to his old cases.

the lincoln lawyer

Suits: One of my personal favorite T.V. series! A college drop-out with an eidetic memory starts working for Harvey Specter, one of the best lawyers, as a practicing lawyer. Will he get caught fraudulently practicing law or not? Find out!


Fracture: The tagline says it all! “I shot my wife…prove it” (Fracture, 2007).


Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney: Take on the role of defense lawyers! Cross-examine witness, gather clues and information, and find out the truth in each case!

phoenix wright

Do I Have a Right?: Try this game and run your very own law firm! Simple as decide whether clients have the right or not.

do i have a right

Cluedo: Be decisive, look for clues, become a critical thinker, and make the right judgment calls! This game is all about making smart choices through elimination and finding out who murdered Dr. Black.

Books and Magazines

THE CONSTITUTION! You’ll be surprised that we aren’t kidding. It’s very integral for Lawyers to know the Constitution, the rights of people, and the laws that govern the land.  Actually, knowing the Constitution is something we all, as citizens of the state, should know and understand. Know your rights! Find out about our Constitution here.

Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges (by Antonin Scalia and Bryan a. Garner): ” In their professional lives, courtroom lawyers must do these two things: speak persuasively and write persuasively” (Scalia & Garner, 2008)

making your case

A Civil Action (by Jonathan Harr): This is based on a true story of courtroom showdown! It also shows how the determination of person can make a difference.

a civil action
Philippine Law Journal: We also recommend you check out this student publication managed by select students from the University of the Philippines College of Law.
philippine law journal

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