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Mad Scientist: Knowing This, Knowing That, Knowing You

Fascinated with the world around you? Curious on how it all began? The sciences might just be for you! Here are some movies, games, and books & magazines that might interest you:


The Big Bang Theory: You don’t need to be a science genius to love this TV series! Check out what happens when a beautiful restaurant waitress/aspiring actress becomes friends with an experimental physicist, a theoretical physicist, an aerospace engineer and astrophysicist. That’s an IQ of over 800 in one room!

Creation: Heard of Charles Darwin? Did you know that he got into a deep depression when his beloved daughter died which made it difficult for him to finish his book about evolution? Watch this!

The Theory of Everything: A movie about the Einstein of our time – Stephen Hawking.


Mini Scientist: Figure out what to do in each level and find an engine for the mini scientist for his space ship.

Learning Games for Kids: Science Experiment Games: Get interested in science experiments through this game! Try out the different science experiment simulations.

NASA Space Place: A collection of various science and space games. From exploring the solar system to memory games.

Books and Magazines

Scientific Genius (by Dean Simonton): A must read! The book presents a theory of the basis of scientific creativity, cognitive thinking, and much more. Trying to identify ‘genius’.

The Psychology of Science and the Origins of the Scientific Mind (by Gregory J. Feist): Interested in knowing how science came to be possible for the human species? This book has the most comprehensive perspective yet!

Discover Magazine: A magazine all about science. With science and technology rapidly developing, don’t miss out on the latest issues! Subscribe to science!


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