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How to Market Yourself During Job Interviews

Get to know the company. Take time to research and know as much as you can about the company you are applying into. Knowledge is still key!

Groom and bloom, dress to impress. Physical appearance is still very much important. Coming in well dressed with a decent hair shows that you value and take serious the job interview as well as the interviewer. Grooming signals professionalism, readiness for the position, and a positive attitude. Here are some do’s and don’ts in grooming for a job interview.

Dress professionally. Go for well pressed and clean clothes.

Get a hair cut! A decent hairstyle exudes confidence and preparedness for anything that may come.
Trim down those nails! Cut and clean your fingernails. It may be a small detail but you always want to make sure you bring your A game.

Walk the talk – literally. They say shoes can reveal a lot about your personality. In the off chance that’s true you’d want to be ready! Keep them clean and well polished.

Stay classy! Yes, do dress to impress but don’t over do it. Men, (yes you are a man now) no need for 3 piece suits or a black tuxedo. Women, avoid screaming loud jewelry and over scented perfumes. Mama always said everything in moderation.

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Be on time. No such thing as “Filipino time” when it comes to a job interview. Showing up on time shows respect to the interviewer. Remember that you may not be given a second chance. Showing up late speaks volumes about your attitude, self-discipline, and work ethics.

The earlier the better. Set to arrive at least 30 minutes before their interview. Taking into account traffic nowadays, I would even suggest coming in 45 minutes before your schedule.

Take your time to prepare. Being early is always beneficial. This allows for ample time to prepare and to calm yourself down, use the bathroom, grab a glass of water, and even practice for the interview. This also allows you to get a feel of the work environment you possibly could be working in.

Be the right person with the right attitude. Attitude is still, arguably, the most important thing employers look for in a person. Smile, be respectful, polite, and confident to EVERYONE. Greet the interviewer courteously and firmly shake his hand. Come in and out the office with the right kind of attitude.

Have your resume in hand. Always carry around with you a copy, or two, of your resume. Be ready for anything.

Market thyself appropriately. Job interviews are essentially about “selling” yourself. Confidently answer the questions and be as concise as possible. You do not want to be confusing the interviewer in the end.

Use appropriate language. Be very professional when you answer the question. The interviewer isn’t your “buddy-buddy” and even if he is, the more you have to be professional about it. Avoid telling jokes, using slang or street language, and changing the topic. Keep everything positive!

Bring yourself, your resume, and nothing else. No gums and cell phones off (or at least on silent mode). Most you can bring is a bottle of water but limit it to that.

Establish rapport. Make sure you ask first the interviewer if it’s alright to follow-up on the status of the application. Best to already ask for when would be the best time to do the follow-ups. “Getting a business card from the interviewer/s is fast becoming a norm to establish connections or for future reference. It is also good to remind job seekers to continue to be in touch with the company even if he/she was not considered for the position because he/she may be considered for other vacancies in the organization.”

Always be thankful! If the interview went good or bad, always thank the interviewer for their time.

Source: http://ro6.dole.gov.ph/fndr/mis/files/LEGS.pdf



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