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Entertaining Movies, Games, and Books for Aspiring Seaman

Dare to sail the seas? Check out what life is onboard a ship. Here are a couple of movies, games, and books & magazines you might be interested in.


Titanic: Check out the pride and joy of the White Star Line – the R.M.S. Titanic. During its time, the Titanic was the largest ship ever built. Watch the life at sea inside the Titanic, the “ship of dreams”, as it travels the seas from Southhampton, England to New York City.


Crimson Tide: More than just ships, you might be interested in submarines as well! Here’s a movie about a breakaway Russian sub, carrying nuclear warheads that pose a possible worldwide threat.

Love Boat: The dangerous and action-packed life at sea can be a bit heavy to take in. It’s not always the case, though! Here is a movie that depicts lovers looking for a wonderful romantic adventure onboard a ship. What better vessel but the loooove boat.


Ship Simulator: Try out this simulator game! Control you vessel and navigate the seas!

Dangerous Waters: Love playing battleships? Here is another simulation game on a naval warfare setting. Control individual crew stations, maneuver the ship, and design naval strategies to conquer the seas!

Pirates of the Caribbean: You must have heard of the movie. You must have loved the movie. But did you know you can play the game? You can buy ships, find new recruits, and jump from island to island trying to take control over the Caribbean.



Secrets of the Realm (by Bev Stout): A page turner! Life on the streets was difficult for this fifteen-year-old girl, Annie. Find out what happens as she decides to disguise herself as a boy and boards a ship as a cabin boy.

Moby-Dick (by Herman Melville): One of the most popular stories! Haven’t heard of it? It’s an epic tale of a Captain and he sets his eyes on capturing a Sperm Whale during his voyage around the world. MUST READ!

Marino World: More a magazine than a book person? No worries! Check out Marino World and get up-to-date information and find out the pressing issues in the Maritime world.

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