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Mastering the Art of Negiotiating a Job Offer

Job-offer negotiations are rarely easy. When a job seeker is introduced to with a job offer, a letter of offer is presented along with the employment contract that states the salary, benefits, and privileges. Often, job seekers jump on the opportunities without further discussions.

Contrary to common conception, negotiation is an important step in getting a job and all job seekers including fresh graduates are given a chance to negotiate. Most fresh graduates are afraid to negotiate because they are most likely inexperienced and have little to offer to the company. However, everyone has the rights to negotiate and it is not as scary as it seems. By simply being well prepared, negotiation should be a natural part of the interview.

Here’s the detailed rights and obligations of the employee and the employer:



One thought on “Mastering the Art of Negiotiating a Job Offer”

  1. Thanks Daniel for pointing those out! I agree with you regarding fresh graduates not being able to stipulate their starting salary due to the fear of not getting the job or the hesitation of overdoing their luck. That’s why here in the Philippines, job seekers depend on recruitment services in manila to find the right job with an acceptable/fair offer.

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