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Police Officer: Safety, Security, and Peace

Join the force and save the lives of friends, family, and fellow countrymen. Keep the peace. If you’re interested, you might want to start off with these movies, games, and books & magazines.


Police Story: Lock Down: People who like police stories would love this! A police man who’s all about duty and sacrifice for peace and security. How much is he willing to sacrifice for his own daughter? Find out!

Taken: Ever wanted to become so good at what you do you make people beside you look lame? Check out this topnotch cop as he bests anything and everything thrown at him.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop: A single father who works as a mall security guard to support his family. Very dedicated and serious with his job, Paul Blart was able given an opportunity to shine and took it! Watch him as he rides his Segway and saves the day.


Criminal Case: Join the Police of Grimsborough and solve murder cases. Call the inner detective, find hidden clues and objects, and solve the puzzle to win the game!

Crime City Real Police Driver: Love being the good cop? Chase down these criminals and bring justice to the people! Nobody can run from the law.

Police Precinct: As they say – Another mystery solving game. Team up and solve the mystery at the same time keep the streets under your control. Hone your management, strategy, and detective skills with this game.

Books & Magazines

Stress and the Police Officer (by Katherine W. Ellison): As a police office you are very much exposed to stress, threats, and dangerous which results in more stress. Can’t stress enough about stress. This book will guide and teach you how, as a police office, can one deal with stress in the workplace.

Police Culture in Changing World (by Bethan Loftus):Interested in the investigation of contemporary police culture? This book might just be for you! With 600 hours of observation of policing in a city and rural areas, with over 60 police officer interviews all in this book!

A Day in the Life of a Police Officer (by Linda Hayward): Quick and easy explanation on what police men and women do! Easy to read and easy to understand. What more can you want?

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