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Pursuing passions while climbing the corporate ladder

Ever heard of multihyphenate individuals?

Brand executive-band vocalist, lawyer-photographer, accountant-entrepreneur-writerthese are just some examples of multihyphenates who juggle multiple jobs at the same time. Some do it to earn more money, while some do it to also pursue their passions, unleash their creative side, and fulfill their sense of purpose.

While there are so many factors on how they are able to do it, here are the key things all of them know and do:


  1. They have the drive to make things happen.

It all boils down to how much you want it. When you know that it is something that makes you extremely happy and excited, or when you feel like this is the thing you are bound to do in your life, you are more motivated to make it happen. Having a 9-5 job where you answer to your boss or are tasked to manage people is not a walk in the park. And having a passion project or another job on top of it will surely make things a bit more difficult.

This is why drive is very important. It makes you start, it keeps your momentum, and it makes you continue what you do, despite the sacrifices you have to make.


  1. They follow-through.

Drive alone doesn’t make them successful. Once they are motivated, they act on itfast and with grit. This is where the real work begins. Here, they set timelines and execute their plans to achieve their goals. Passionate about photography? Start by building your portfolio. Then, look online for photo coverage gigs.

Following through doesn’t have to mean doing the most difficult task right away. It means just starting, little-by-little, until you get the rhythm in balancing your day job and pursuing your passion.


  1. They manage their time effectively.

Obviously, individuals doing well in their two or more jobs use their time efficiently. They know their priorities and non-negotiables. They set achievable timelines and manage the expectations of their stakeholders. More often than not, these people know their limits and know when to say ‘No’.

Having a day job while pursuing your passion is doable! Find something you really want to do, follow through, and manage your time properly. For more stories like this, check out the Career Conversations section of Edukasyon.ph.