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Selling Yourself at a Job Interview

So, you’re looking to explore other opportunities. You’ve updated your resume, sent it out, and applied for various positions and companies that you think will be lucky to have you. Then, after biding your time, it finally happens. You get a call or an email, asking you one question: “When are you free for an interview?”

For all companies, an interview is the primary tool by which they decide whether or not you are worth hiring. It is what will make or break your chances of being hired so making a good impression definitely counts. So, after scheduling your interview, do you think you’re ready?

Here are a few tips to help you sell yourself at your job interview. Good luck!

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1. Research on the company

The recruiters have definitely done their research on you. More often than not, they have already gone over your resume and know enough about your work experience and qualifications. Here’s your chance to even the odds by doing a bit of research on the company you are considering. It will definitely impress them if you know well enough about their company’s industry, their values, and the job you are applying for. Thus, you can tailor fit your answers to the interview questions based on your findings. For example, if you know that the position requires you to work with a decently-sized team, then you can focus on showing how well you can work with others. Just make sure you can back it up with actual past experience or projects.

2. Prepare for frequently asked questions

Try looking up frequently asked questions in job interviews. It helps to make a mental note of what you want to get across to your interviewer, especially since you can prepare for some of the most common questions. To help you get started, here is one of the most common questions and a strategy you can use to tackle it:

Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers for this one. It is a question meant to help the interviewer get a glimpse of who you are and, possibly, other things that do not normally show up in a resume. However, this is a common pitfall for nervous interviewees as they may end up rambling about their favorite hobby when, in fact, they should focus on the interview. Focus on telling your interviewer facts about yourself that will help them decide why you are a worthy investment in their company.


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3. Practice interview etiquette

In order to make a good impression, everything has to be suitable—from the clothes that you wear to the body language you show your interviewer. It may seem like a cliche, but you really must dress to impress. You’re going to want to dress appropriately for the interview and certain factors, such as the company’s culture, will come into play. You can read more about this specific topic in another article, Power Dressing for an Interview by Marcus McKenzie. Conversely, if your interview is over the phone, try to at least find a quiet spot and an area where you have good network connectivity. This will avoid bogging your interview down just because the room is too noisy or the call keeps getting cut.

This brings us to other interview etiquette that is worth noting — courtesy and body language. Try to remember the names of your interviewers, especially since you may be working with them soon. This will allow you to comfortably hold a conversation with them and, at the end of the interview, thank them personally too. When it comes to body language, try not to slouch and look uninterested. On the other hand, don’t be too jittery and ramble on. Instead, get a good night’s sleep and prepare ahead of time. This will allow you to be engaged as you sit up straight and keep eye contact. Be sincere, candid, and at the same time, confident in your own abilities. After all, if you aren’t sold on your own qualifications, how will you sell yourself at a job interview?


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Remember, this interview is your chance to show the interviewer how you can contribute to their organization. This is your chance to convince the interviewer that you are worth more than your resume can ever capture. Finally, this is your chance to differentiate yourself from all the other candidates and prove that you are worth investing in.

Jab de Jesus is an intern of the Executive Search and Selection Division of John Clements Consultants. He is a senior at the Ateneo de Manila University, taking up a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. A passionate young man looking to make his mark in the corporate world, Jab is a firm believer of the Jesuit teaching of Magis. He is also the co-owner of Javemil Apartments and has a black belt in Judo.

(Editor’s note: This article was first published on John Clements Lookingglass. We are republishing it with their permission.)



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