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Veterinarians – Feathers, Fur, and Scales: Patients of a Different Sort

Animals a very lovable. If you have a soft spot for animals and want to care for their needs – consider becoming a Veterinarian!  Check out these movies, games, and books & magazines:


Dr. Doolittle: Quirky and comedic. This movie will definitely capture the hearts of animal lovers and not-so animal lovers everywhere. The star in this comedy is Eddie Murphy who plays a doctor who discovers his amazing ability to speak to animals! Initially an animal hater, he slowly finds himself the go-to guy for animals and, believe it or not, decides to become a veterinarian! Check this movie out to see why Murphy changed his mind and how he came to be an animal lover. The combination of Murphy’s acting and the movie’s plot will surely keep you laughing.

The Paw Project :Entertainment with a cause. This documentary follows Dr. Jennifer Conrad as she  treats the wild cats of Hollywood. Usually used for movies, they are declawed and unable to walk without pain. Join her as she fights for the rights of both domestic and wild cats!


WWF Together: Launched by the World Wildlife Fund, this interactive app allows you to experience the lives of wild animals like elephants, rhinos, tigers, and more. The best part is that you can download the app for free! There are even origami tutorials, an HD globe, and animal facts.

Power-pets: Virtual pets! This site allows you to care for, adopt, train, and raise virtual pets. Not only is this a fun an interactive site but they are also dedicated to promoting animal rights awareness. They have also sponsored and taken care of a number of animals.

AVMA Animal House: Practice makes purr-fect! This game simulates how a real veterinary office would be like. Choose your own treatment for different kinds of cases presented to you. Make sure to pick the right one to cure the different animals.

Books and Magazines

The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs (by Nick Trout): A story about second chances. Join a young man as he tries to revive his father’s failing veterinary practice, The Bedside Manor for Sick Animals. Watch him persevere through bumps in the road while discovering unlikely friendships along the way.

The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes: And Other Surprising True Stories of Zoo Vets and their Patients (by Spelman, Lucy H., Mashima, Ted Y.): Ask the Animals. Read witty and creative stories by real-life veterinarians. In this book you will discover answers to questions, “What do you do when a moray eel refuses to eat?” and other silly things! From aquariums to the savannah, here are stories that will keep you up at night.

The Gift of Pets: Stories Only a Vet Could Tell (by Bruce R. Coston): Loyalty and Companionship. A collection of patient’s and client’s stories that makes veterinary practice worth it. This book will make you realize how wonderful gifts pets are.


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