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Here’s Who You Should Ask for Career Advice

Afraid and confused about the future? Pressured by not knowing what you want to become, what you are passionate about, or what you’re good at? You might want to ask these people for help!

Daddy and Mommy. From your toddler years (where you would insist on growing up to be a princess or superhero) up to the reality of having to face the daunting task of choosing a career path, your parents have never left your side. Supportive of your dreams, they are the best people to give you insight and share their thoughts about what may seem confusing or intimidating. They have seen you grow up and ,with no doubt, are proud of the person you are and will become!

Your bigger family. Your titos, titas, grandparents, and older cousins are also great people to ask, especially if their career is something you might be interested in. I’m pretty sure that you will be able to get some tips after hearing their different stories and opinions.

Your barkada – the people that are not afraid to say and ask the hard-hitting questions. You have gone through high school and are so close to college! All that is left is senior high and in the span of two years, your friends will help you discover more about yourself- weaknesses and strengths. Share, be open and listen to what they have to say because this will help you (and them) learn more about what’s out there. Grow together and be curious, do not be afraid to ask questions.



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