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Writing Cover Letter for Beginners

Making a cover letter is a common practice nowadays. It is an overview of your credentials and qualifications. It is the first impression of Jobseekers on what he/she is offering that may raise a potential employer’s interest. It is usually sent as the body of your email with your resume and other additional needed documents attached.

Know who you are writing to. A cover letter should explain what a job seeker is offering the company by stating in one to two sentence his/her achievements, skills, and competencies. This reflects the level of understanding the job seeker has on the company.

Grammar and spelling. Avoid using long-winding, redundant and uncoordinated sentences. Make sure that everything is correctly spelled especially the names of the company and employer.

Edit, edit, edit. After drafting the letter, have someone proof-read then edit it . We recommend you edit your cover letter at least 3 times. Get someone competent enough to review the letter.

Make a first good impression. A job seeker should be pro-active to signal an employer that he/she is a positive worker. Avoid using “To Whom It May Concern” and “Dear Sir” for it sends a signal of insensitivity on the part of the job seeker

Make it special. Do not make a “one size fits all” letter. This disregards the specific qualifications a company may need. Take time and research the company’s profile and figure what kind of people they are looking for.

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