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11 Student Moments Your Parents’ Advice Came in Handy

Parents have a special way of passing on their wisdom. Sometimes you get advice that feel helpful and empowering at the moment. Other times you get advice that leaves us #shooketh to the next level! But no matter how trivial the advice they give, life sends student moments that make you glad you heard it!


“Work hard now, so you can relax later.”

– Maine Dizon

Remember this whenever you start considering cramming again! Hate to break it to ya, but your folks were right. If you work hard now, you’ll have more time to relax later. Both in school and in life.

“Life is like a game of mahjong, you have to discard a tile to make room for better ones.”

-Zen Galang

Next time you don’t get something you were bidding for – like a scholarship, or admission to your dream school – think of it as an ivory tile you have to discard to make room for a better opportunity. Even Rachel from Crazy Rich Asians knew that!

“It’s okay to make a mess as long as you clean it up.”

– Mox Kaluag

From deciding on which strand/track to take to applying for your dream school or a scholarship – every decision you make is a risk to take. Choosing a course and deciding to shift later on is okay as long as you’re okay with it. Nobody is gonna have a perfect run with their academic lives, so be okay with making a mess (AKA: mistakes) – just be sure to clean it up!

“It’s all good to enjoy and have fun, as long as you can still accomplish your responsibilities.”

Dot Jaranilla

The farther in your academic life you get, the more responsibilities you’ll have to take on. Balancing your social and academic life will be a challenge you’ll learn to work around. Don’t feel guilty for watching a movie or binging on your favorite shows the night before an exam. Just make sure you wake up and get to school ready to ace that exam.

“Write your goals so even if you fail, you’ll know where to pick up from.”

– Erick Mendoza

With a lot of social and extracurricular activities getting in the mix, it’s easy to forget your big goals. Next time you get a failing grade or miss an important project, figure out where you fell short and go back to your list of goals. That way, you’ll know where to pick up from to keep you moving forward.

“Never expect people around you to help you. Be independent.”

– Kena Penalba

As fun and liberating as the freedom college gives you, remember it comes with equal responsibility. Learning how to navigate through life is a big step to adulthood. You’ll thank your parents later when you realize all the household work they’ve been assigning you were inadvertently teaching you life skills to be more independent. A key factor to succeed in anything you want is to be willing to do it yourself.

“Be content with what you have while working for what you want.”

– Christopher Gaviola

We all have those overachieving classmates – and if you can’t identify them, it’s probably you! While it’s good to always do your best, this piece of advice reminds you that it’s okay not to always reach your 500% when delivering. Maybe you had your eyes set on a dream job and you didn’t get it. Instead of resorting to self-loathe, forgive yourself for falling short and count all the things going right in your life, instead! Being content with what you already have is a way to attract the things you want. Not to mention, it puts you in a really happy and peaceful state!

“Ang breeding, hindi basta basta’t nabibili sa Rustan’s.”

– Belle Mapa

Let’s face it – we all have those classmates who just aren’t our cup of tea. Maybe it’s because you don’t understand them or you expect a little more from them and they just keep disappointing you on that area. It doesn’t mean they’re downright evil – they’re just different. Knowing this reminds you to cut them a little more slack and choose not to take what they do personally. It reminds you that you have a choice to not let them affect you. At the end of the day there will always be people who will trigger you but it’s helpful to know that the world is big enough for everyone.

“Be nice to other people until they show you that it is wrong to be nice to them.”

– Angie Torres

It’s good to remember that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt – your not-so-favorite classmate/s, included! Giving people the benefit of the doubt allows you to see the best in people and allows you to filter the kind of people you have in your life. If they prove to be better than you expected, you just got a new friend. Otherwise, you don’t have to welcome them in your life. You don’t have to be mean to them, but drawing your personal boundaries is crucial.

“Choose your battles, not all should be won.”

– Tamia Camaclang

When you are passionate about something, you’re going to want to do everything! But there will be times, whether in working in groups or starting your own business, you’ll be tempted to do more. If you have dreams of making a change in the world, don’t feel bad for not being able to save the whole world overnight. You can’t take on everything. Instead, strategize and decide on which battles are worth pursuing and win those!

“The world isn’t perfect, but you can choose what you pay attention to.”

– Duane Umali

When you get an almost perfect score on an exam, there are two ways to look at it. You can either focus on that 1 mistake or focus on all the items you got correctly. Same goes with life – in anything you get yourself in, there will be things you don’t agree with. It’s a matter of focusing your energy on the things actually working out for you and things you can do something about.

What advice did your parents give you that are finally starting make sense now? Check out more student moments you can apply them to through our College Life blogs at Edukasyon.ph!

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