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10 Things only Working Students will Understand

They say that being a college student is not easy. The paper works, research projects, extra-curricular activities, and exams are some of the common things students face throughout their college life. However, the pressure is all the more heavier if you are a working student. In fact, more and more college students nowadays are taking their extra time outside the school for part-time jobs to support their education. If you are a working student, then perhaps you already know, and had some, if not all, of these unique experiences:

1. Alarm clock is your best friend

With all the demands of work, schooling, and social life, sometimes, 24 hours in a day never seem to be enough. After a long shift at work, you still have to finish those school assignments that are due tomorrow. Though it is already past midnight, setting an alarm at 6:00 AM is always a sure thing you will do before you sleep because you don’t want to be late for your class.

2. You are the ”Master” of commuting

Commuting everyday from school to work, you know what are the cheapest and easiest routes all over town. From jeepneys, tricycles, buses and even pedicabs, you know all the peak hours, the queues, and even the “barkers.” If you are asked to list down all the stations in LRT and MRT, you’ll get a straight A. Plus points for bringing your university ID wherever you go, because #studentdiscount is life!

3. Buzzer beaters don’t frazzle you

Remember the adrenaline rush of being inside the room seconds before your professor enters the class? Though you barely sleep for a couple of hours, being late or absent in school will never be an option for you because you believe that excelling in class should still be your top priority.

4. Every minute counts

Reading previous notes on a jeepney ride making the most out of your commute, finishing term papers during lunch breaks, and rendering extra hours for your part-time job during long breaks between classes —sounds familiar right? As you work your way and strive for high grades, you’ll learn that every second is important and should not be wasted. Working students really get creative when it comes to planning their days.

5. Ready for the real world

Another edge of working students is that they are being equipped with the essential skills you will need when you graduate. Those who work while studying in college may develop better time management and multitasking skills. Aside from this, patience, humility, and perseverance are also some of the valuable traits you can learn from working that you can very well apply in school. Know that success only comes to those who not only dream but also work hard for it.

6. Mall wide sales don’t affect you

Ever had those times when you want to buy that shoe on sale at the mall, yet you can’t, not until all the other important things have been paid for and bought first? As you start to earn your own money, you will learn its value and are less likely to spend it all at once. And because you know that earning money is not easy as it may sound, you know that saving for the future is more important than getting the latest kicks or donning the newest styles!

7. You expand your network

Aside from getting valuable experiences, working while studying provides you with multiple opportunities to expand your network. Building good relationships with your bosses, professors, customers, clients, colleagues and classmates can be used as references in your future career prospects. So you better keep that Linkedin profile impressive!

8. Your “late nights” look different

It’s not always easy especially when your friends are having some fun on weeknights and you’re left working late night shifts because you have a tuition fee to pay. You are always tired and start to feel a bit envious of all the other students who don’t have to work. At the end of the day, you just keep moving. You are fueled by your #goals and you know that your unique late nights will pay off.

9. “Health is Wealth” is your motto

While it may seem that having a long rest is such an elusive dream, you still recognize that having a nap, taking a day off from work and school, and socializing is just as important to keep everything in balance. Realizing that a healthy mind and body is an investment for your future, too.

10. Getting your degree will be the #bestfeelingever

More than any amount of salary you receive, regardless of the number of sleepless nights, and your laundry list of sacrifices, graduating from college and earning your dream degree is still the best feeling ever!


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