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3 In-Demand Courses Offered at Philippine Women’s College of Davao

This content was written before the community quarantine. Circumstances may have changed, but that doesn’t make us or our partners any less committed to helping you discover opportunities, get personalized advice, and pursue your path—from school to career.

The competition in the job market is tough. For real. Harder if you’re undecided about the career you want to pursue. #fact

Don’t worry. We’re here to help! Work opportunities are actually plenty given the right college course. Let jobs find you instead with these top-performing courses offered at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao (PWC).

Don’t let the PWC’s name fool you though. While the school used to be a ‘women-only’ club when it first started in 1953, PWC is an entirely co-ed institution now. So yes, everybody’s welcome! Despite the changes, the school remains committed to equip the next generation of Filipino women (and men) with quality education and leadership skills. How’s that for commitment?

PWC offers a wide variety of courses to choose from—whether that be business, tourism, or the arts to name a few. These career paths prove to be in-demand and promise plenty of work opportunities in the coming years. See which course captures your interest!

Know what the real secret ingredients are with Food Technology

Everyone needs food, and as a food technologist, you will always be needed. You’d be bringing the science into the art that chefs bring out of the kitchen—from post-harvesting handling, preparation, processing, packaging and storage, all the way to distribution of food.

You’ll become a food expert in your own right. PWC believes in equipping its Food Technology students to become people who will make food more accessible and nutritional for those who need it.

As for career paths, aside from becoming a food technologist, you could also look into food quality assurance, nutritional therapy, product development science, and process engineering among others.

Let your creativity flow with Fine Arts

Your creativity matters. And you can definitely make a living out of it! (Don’t mind people who say otherwise.) PWC’s Fine Arts program will make sure you can. You’ll get the fundamentals and the right network to get you started on your path to creating art that’s relevant and responds to what the world needs.

What do you want to do?

Do you want to start new trends in clothing? Go for Fashion Design. If you want to make ads that go viral, try out Visual Communication. Or do you want to go a more traditional route? Then PWC also has painting! Creating living spaces? Interior Design. Or making functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture? Then they also have Industrial Design.

Whichever way to want to go, the art you create will create meaningful impact, because PWC sets its students up for success! For example, Stephen Azarcon, a BFA Design sophomore at PWC, bagged the grand prize for the 2019 Habi Kadayawan, a Mindanao-wide Fashion Accessories and Design Competition. Talk about results!

Predict people’s behavior with Psychology

Telepathy is impossible in real life. At least it is for now. But the next best thing is learning how to read patterns in what they do and say. While you won’t necessarily become superhuman, by the power of the scientific method, you’ll be able to understand why people do what they do, and what they’re most likely to do next.

PWC’s Psychology curriculum is science-oriented, so you could also go to medical school after graduating. If that’s not your thing, you also have other career options waiting for you—as a psychometrician, human resource manager, guidance counselor, life coach, and many others.

Which of these courses pique your interest? Whether it’s one of the three courses listed above or other career paths like food technology and information technology, PWC Davao has got a whole list of courses you can choose from. Take your pick right here!

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