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3 Questions Students Taking Less Popular Courses Are Tired Of Hearing

Let’s be honest.

We have somehow biased our way of choosing what course to take in college. Most of the time, courses with more airtime a.k.a exposure in the media lure in more students into applying. And tbh, that’s totally understandable!

Who wouldn’t want to be a lawyer with a bespoke suit on their way to win another trial? Or a doctor who’s always seen reviving patients to life (and being hugged by family members who can’t be more grateful)? People love these heroes.

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What news fail to cover and movies don’t give much spotlight to are courses that people have little to no zero knowledge about. Perhaps, they don’t even know they exist! But while less popular courses are… well, less popular, there are some questions that students from these fields of study are seriously tired of hearing. Here are three of those:


1. “What’s that course?”

Though it’s normal that people ask what your course is about, students taking less popular courses have so much explaining to do, for reals. In fact, students come to a point when they’re so used to this question that there’s a weird feeling of happiness whenever someone gets it right the first time (read: much like when your name get spelled right on the first try!). But where people are left with more question marks than answers, you go ahead and enlighten them of the world you call your home. Who knows, they might even take it too!

PS. If you’re explaining your course, make sure to avoid course-specific jargons. You don’t want them nodding to something they don’t know, right?



2. “What jobs can you get after?”

One of the deciding factors when choosing a course is the possible career options lined up after you graduate. That’s why students who are still deciding what to take in college would most likely consider in-demand jobs, moreover the high-paying ones. It’s a no-brainer. You would want to secure your future with a degree on hand (read: that’s great!).

However, know that less popular courses DO NOT mean otherwise. As a matter of fact, these courses are equally in-demand and offer good financial benefits too. If you want to take an unusual course but worried about future job opportunities, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. After all, we can’t all be doctors or lawyers.

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3. “How much will you make with that course?”

In line with the possible career paths you can take right after college, people are often so worried that students taking the road less traveled will find themselves struggling in life. Where did that ever come from?

Sure, much of the popular courses are linked to higher salaries and some flashy title you add to your name but unconventional courses often unheard of actually have perks and benefits too that might convince you beyond a hefty paycheck. It’s not just about the money ya know!

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At the end of the day, whether you’re taking a popular course or a lesser known one, you have to make decisions like this with no less than an informed mind. So, no matter how ~annoying~ (if asked a million times), these three questions can actually guide you as you choose your future career. Are you ready?

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