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3 Types Of Online Education According To Your Needs

Searching for the best school or course to enroll in is no easy task. It involves a lot of thought, guidance, and patience.

However, finding the right online course may be a much easier task. There are so many available options that you can easily find one that suits your needs.

Take a dive into the different types of online education, and find out why now might be the best time for you to enroll!

1. Degree courses

One of the advantages of online education is the ability to earn your degree anywhere and everywhere. Take a look at some providers of degree programs, and you will find that many are actually available online. These courses include undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, and even doctorate degrees!

If you’re about to graduate high school, and are unsure about your next step, consider your many different options of undergraduate degrees online. Schools in the Philippines provide some of these courses, while massive online course providers also offer degree courses by institutions and schools abroad.   

If you’ve already completed your undergraduate degree, you may want to consider an online postgraduate degree. Like online undergraduate degrees, local and international postgraduate degrees can be found online.

Learning schedules are very flexible; You might even have the time to keep your full-time job while earning your postgraduate degree.

2. Short courses

If you’re not looking to earn a degree, you could choose among thousands of online short courses instead. Enrolling in a short course is a great way to start learning different topics you may be interested in. Such programs last for just a few weeks to a few months—requiring less attention than degree courses. Short courses require a few hours of attention per week, and may or may not provide a certificate upon completion.

You’ll find some free short courses from providers such as Coursera, Udemy, and FutureLearn.

Short courses are a great way to pursue your interests on the side without sacrificing a large amount of time! As you take different classes in school, or try out different jobs, you will end up finding what you enjoy doing.

On top of learning what you love, short courses are a faster way to add credibility to your resume. Certificates mean institutional recognition on your mastery of a certain topic.

3. Nano courses

Nano courses are even more brief than short courses, and are designed to be incredibly easy to learn and digest. The topics of nano courses are also less complex than those offered by short coursesusually on life skills, simple tips and tricks, quick educational topics, and so much more. These courses usually last from just a few hours up to a week or two, and are typically the cheapest kind of online courses you can get.

If you’re in high school or university, a nano course is a convenient way to review for your exams. Moreover, if you’re about to take your college entrance exams or board exams, you’ll find many review courses online.

Nano courses also provide an easy way for professionals to learn new skills to further their career goals and achievements.

Whether it’s committing to a long degree course, or simply exploring different nano courses at a time, finding the online course that will suit your lifestyle and goals will be a piece of cake.

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