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4 Online Courses To Help You Prepare For Your College Entrance Exam

Many students get nervous about taking a college entrance exam. Plenty of university entrance exams in the Philippines can take up to half a day to complete. And it can be difficult to overcome the pressure of completing each section of the test in a short amount of time.

Preparation can go a long way. But finding the time to commit to a classroom-based review may be challenging; Not to mention, this setup entails extra costs and transportation time.

An easier alternative? Online reviews. Here are 4 online courses that will help you prepare for your college applications:

1. Mastering The SAT: A Full SAT Preparation Course

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized university admissions test widely used in the United States. Many topics covered in the SAT, such as mathematics, and reading and writing in English, are also widely used in local entrance exams.

In this course, students learn through an interactive video lesson style, making sure you’re not only learning, but also entertained! The class provides a comprehensive review for the SAT’s, which will prepare you for local college applications and even university applications in the USA.

2. IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course

Entrance exams (both local and international) will test you heavily on English writing and comprehension; Some assessments could even test your English speaking skills.

This prep course for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a great way to upskill your grasp of the English language.

3. Writing With Impact: Writing That Persuades

Many university applications will require you to submit an application letter. Students are usually asked to explain why they want to apply to the school—essentially writing a persuasion letter. On top of this, entrance exams tend to include an essay-writing portion on a given topic.

Thus, you will benefit from learning how to write an impactful and persuasive letter. This online course by the University of Cambridge teaches you how to write with impact. Learn different writing styles and skills to create powerful messages that will ultimately move your reader towards your favor.

4. Breakthrough to Exam Excellence

Preparation is a part of every student’s journey in taking an exam.

This online course will not only teach you what preparation strategy is best for you, but take you into a deep dive into yourself (how you think, what study method is best for you, how you can improve your memory, and so much more). Enhance your learning skills to prepare yourself for college entrance tests as best you can!

If you’re about to take your college entrance exam, don’t sweat it! There are many ways to prepare for the big day. And these four online courses will give you an edge.  

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