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4 Signs You’re an Adult (or at least on your way to being one!)

The idea of growing up and the responsibilities that come with being an adult has become such a hot issue among the Gen Z. So much so that the phenomenon has earned itself a place in Oxford and Merriam-Webster dictionaries. Being an adult has a word now—adulting, used as both a verb and a noun.

Graduating students are the first to experience the joys and pains of adulthood. Adventures and new opportunities are now there for the taking. There’s definitely a whole new world out there, outside the four walls of your campuses!

But life after college can also mean new challenges to conquer. If you’re someone in denial that you are going through this phase now, or if you want to jolt yourself out of your childhood stupor and become an adult, sooner rather than later, here are tell-tale signs that adulthood has become you!

You have other accounts aside from Twitter, IG, FB, and YouTube

If you’re trying to adult, then you’ve probably set up online bank accounts to pay bills, looked for bedspace listings, and have already signed up to Jobstreet, Kalibrr, LinkedIn, and to your university’s alumni association looking for employment leads. You now find yourself scrolling through a gazillion entry level positions instead of tapping IG photos. As a newbie adult, you might also have downloaded budgeting apps, errands tracker, or laundry and grocery delivery services. Anything that will make life a lil’ bit easier while you juggle a blossoming career and an independent life.

You spend your time more wisely

Before, you are a permanent fixture in parties even though you have classes the next day. Kudos to you! But now, there’s no escaping the 8 to 5. It does not matter how late your dinner went or whether you had a movie date the night before; you still have to clock in. Sure, you tell yourself that weekends will still be 24/7 fun but truth be told, a lot of yuppies soon realize that staying at home and catching up on sleep are more productive use of their time.

You know PAG-IBIG does not just mean “love”

PAGIBIG to you, now, is more than just the feeling. It’s money for retirement and for your future home. As you adult, you will be introduced to at least four government services: TIN, Phil Health, SSS, and of course, PAGIBIG. Get to know each of them because they’ll be with you forever. Yep, “may forever” in government duties!

You worry over money and savings

The definitive sign of adulthood? Money woes. You’re an adult when you worry over bills or whether your salary is enough. You now have a travel fund, a car fund, a condo fund, along with emergency stash, savings account, and yes, even investments! A retirement fund isn’t too far-fetched for some. Everything that involves taking money out of your already thin wallet is a task all adults dread, what more the newbies. But no matter how hard and unwelcome, mastering your finances is still the best way to master adulting. Check out evo.fwd.com.ph/earni and see how easy you can save from what you usually spend!

Sure, adulthood may mean more expenses and more complications but it’s an adventure full of learning experiences that’ll shape you to be the best that you are. So plunge right in! Celebrate adulthood. Work hard but play harder. Never forget to live your passions, check off items in your bucket list, travel to dream destinations, and follow your dreams.

Your journey to adulthood does not have to be negative.

You can be an adult—save money, invest in your future, worry over retirement—and still live the life you’ve always wanted. And here’s a secret! When you know you’ve taken care of the future, that’s when you’re more ready to take on life’s great adventures, worry-free! As pan-Asian insurer FWD Life Insurance’s mantra says: it’s all about getting ready to live!

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