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4 Tips to Kick-Start Your Marketing Management Career

A Marketing Management program prepares a student for a career in corporate, advertising, and public relations. Classes will teach students that marketing is about creating value for a brand’s target market. As students preparing to enter the field of marketing, there are ways to maximize your university’s marketing program.

1. Tune in to learnings you can get from your professors’ experiences. 

Most professors who teach Marketing have practical experience as advertising creatives, PR officers, and brand managers. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience beyond the classroom. They can share learnings about both student life and professional practice. As students who have yet to gain these experiences, pick up something from each professor and use it as your compass for the future. And because these professors know the ins and outs of the industry, you can go to them for career advice.

2. Look for a person who exemplifies the ideal marketer. 

This person is creative, strategic, has engaging presentation skills, and a strong leadership potential. Identify and imitate the strengths and best practices of this person and in time, your own skill set and qualities will be developed and strengthened.

3. Be patient and open to hands-on classes be it research, feasibility studies, salesmanship or event management.

Often tedious, these classes provide a taste of the actual work that will be expected of you once you become a marketer. Some theories and marketing lessons are best taught in practice rather than the four walls of the classroom.

4. Learn the ropes of project management by actively participating in school organizations.

When organizing events, seminars, or team building sessions, get involved in any committee. These tasks will provide a wealth of experience on the most common marketing practices at work like organizing product launches, negotiation with third-party suppliers, budget management, sales, and promotions.

Marketing Management students know this to be true: Being a good marketer requires creating value for the target market and because you, the student, are the “target market” of marketing courses, these are obviously designed to create value for you. It’s just up to you to take all the learnings and resources made available so you can prepare for a great career in marketing.

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