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5 College Courses For The Aspiring Travelers

To travel across the world is a major goal in our bucket lists. From exotic food crawls to mind-blowing destinations, traveling offers experiences to expand one’s worldviewbut at a certain price! That’s why you need to beef up your savings first to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Or you can choose a job that requires you to travel!

While there are desk jobs in the office, there are also jobs that send you off to mountains, to vibrant cities across the globe, and even to the sky! If these excite you, you might want to check out these courses:

BS Tourism 

top view of hands planning a trip over coffee. map, laptop, notebooks, and cameras spread out on the table

BS Tourism is probably the first course to come to mind when you hear the word “travel.” In fact, it is part of the very definition of tourism: the business of providing services to people who are traveling. Got great people skills, desire to help others, and love for the outdoors? Then this could be the course for you!

BS Aviation (Major in Flying)

two pilots sitting in front of cockpit

It isn’t too late to fulfill your childhood dream! This four-year course equips you with the skills you need to be a professional pilot. You can also attend short courses by acquiring certifications from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) and Aviation Training Organization (ATO) and be a private or commercial pilot after!

BA Broadcast Communication

a pair of hands holding up a clapperboard against a desert scenery and blue sky

When you study a communication-related course, you could land a career as a writer, journalist, researcher, film director, news reporter, actor, or TV host. These jobs tend to involve fieldwork in different parts of the country and even abroadmay it be in Siargao for your travel documentary or in Miami for a live report on an NBA game!

BS Foreign Service

four closed fists join together

The role of a foreign service officer is connected with the government and its international relations. You will be tasked to advance the economic, political, and cultural interests of your country and promote peace among its neighbors. As a future Foreign Service Officer, you will attend meetings in different countries and handle global disputes at the same time. It is a challenging job but a rewarding one!

BS Geodetic Engineering

silhouette of 5 hikers climbing a low grassy hill

Geodetic engineering is probably not the most popular of engineering courses. But it does not mean it isn’t as useful and interesting as the others. Being a geodetic engineer allows you to explore lowlands and mountain areas for you to survey and gather data from. If outdoor experiences thrill you, this course might be worth a try!

Enjoy the ride as you step into college or venture out to another course! Bon Voyage!

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