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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Take Short Courses

Learning is one of the things every student should never graduate from, regardless if they’re in their freshmen year, senior year or even if they’re already knee-deep into adulting. Whoever says they’ve had enough to learn is definitely missing out A LOT.

In an information age like ours, it’s safe to say that there has never been a time where people produce more information than we can ever consume. And you don’t even have to look any further, just take a look at all those books on your shelf waiting to be picked up and read since… forever. #mayforever

Most of the time, the problem is not that we don’t want to learn. It’s just that learning has been a luxury these days that takes so much time, energy and effort at any given day (read: hello basic education system). Good thing, this is where short courses save the day!

Have you ever enrolled in a short course? Whether you have or you’re still thinking about it, here are five good reasons why you should take one ASAP:

1. You can learn new things real quick.

Taking a short course is probably one of the easiest ways to learn new things without breaking the bank and taking years of your precious life. Compared to a traditional degree program, it’s definitely shorter, cheap(er) and more flexible when it comes to schedule. Now, you might still have 99 problems but time won’t be one! *wink wink*

For example, if you want to step up your IT skills (read: very in-demand!!) and work in the tech industry, you can just take a short course in recognized institutions like Swiss IT Academy Inc. and you’re all set up with necessary competencies for the job!

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2. You’ll gain a variety of really helpful skills.

Sure, you love your course and you won’t have it any other way. But aren’t there times when you wanted to learn something that isn’t part of your course syllabus? If you find yourself nodding in agreement, then short courses are your dream come true! By taking one, you can learn topics outside your field and gain skills that’ll be helpful for your future career and even your day-to-day.

Is there anything that interests you lately? Chances are, there are short courses for that! If you want to be the next master chef, you might want to check out Center for Asian Culinary Studies, Inc. – Manila. They offer short courses in culinary that can even make Gordon Ramsay #proudt of your cooking skills!

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3. You can get a glimpse of different career paths.

If you’re taking a course right now and you’re not yet sure if it’s the right one, taking a short course can help you make sure you’re walking towards the right career path (read: it’s not yet too late!).

Since there are a ton of options to choose from, you can go ahead and try out different courses that pique your interest and see what clicks! Sometimes you just gotta try, right? AAMC Training Group offers a whole list of TESDA-approved short courses you can choose from. Just think of it as a trial period, except you’re actually learning real stuff. Win-win!

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4. You’re setting yourself up for success.

If you’re lowkey thinking that taking a short course is a ~hassle~ you’re not willing to put up with, think again. Tbh, it’s one of the best investments you can make for yourself! How so? Aside from the first three points mentioned above, short courses can help increase the chances of landing your dream job!

Aside from being the awesome hooman you are, there’s no doubt that a John Robert Powers’ short course on your résumé will not standout. Who wouldn’t love to hire an applicant who has clear career development goals? (read: no one)

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4. You can expand your network.

It’s a fact that learning is more enjoyable with others. It’s also a fact that meeting new people while at the same time expanding your network is a bonus that makes learning way more enjoyable. Take a short course and network. You’ll never know when your classmate from your English learning program contacts you for a job offer! At the very least, you’ll learn a new perspective from different people outside your thought circle.

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There’s so much you can learn in life more than just what you can get from textbooks and lecture discussions. Take the extra credit and enroll in a short course you’re actually interested in. You can thank us later!

Ready to take a short course and learn new things? Let’s get you started by reading more articles like this in the Study Hacks blog section at Edukasyon.ph now!