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5 Habits That Will Help You Stay Fit in School

What’s worse than constantly feeling stressed-out from acads?


Feeling stressed AND sluggish from all the junk you didn’t realize you were munching on in-between study breaks. While it’s important to keep your mind sharp and active with all the daily readings and homework, remember that it’s just as important to make it through the school year with excellent health.


If you’re not sure where to start in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consider these 5 healthy habits:

  1. Keep moving

Take the stairs, stretch during breaks, or even do some quick warm-ups while sitting down –no matter how deep into studying you are, don’t stay motionless for long hours! In a TED-Ed video titled, “Why Sitting is Bad for You”, Murat Dalkilinç explains that even though people love the relief of sitting down, humans were built to move and keep moving. In fact, long periods of sitting can agitate your body more than being on-the-go does. Make sure to break a sweat when you can and encourage the couch potatoes you know to do the same.


2. Get some shut-eye

Did you know that lack of sleep can cause unwanted weight gain? Studies have shown that getting less than seven hours of sleep a day reduces one’s levels of leptin, or the chemical in your body that signals fullness; this may be the culprit behind all the late-night snacking, even after you’ve had a hearty dinner. Unless those all-nighters are absolutely necessary, it’s best that you prioritize getting those full 8 hours of rest. (Tip: If you can’t sleep because of social media, download the Forest app and keep your phone locked while you work or until you fall asleep)


3. Make water your go-to drink

Not only will you save the environment by purchasing less bottled and flavored drinks, but bringing your own water to school can work wonders for your body. Because 60% of our bodies are made up of fluids, it’s important to stay hydrated to ensure easier digestion and clearer skin, among other benefits. The easiest way to do this is by observing your urine (is it a dark yellow or is it clear?). Also, dry lips and skin are indicators that you need to chug more water than usual.


4. Cut-down on the sugar

We often associate sugar with being hyper or more energized, but the truth is that too much sweets will only make you more sluggish. Because sugar causes our blood glucose to spike and plummet, this fluctuation can cause fatigue, headaches, and even mood swings. When you get used to consuming too many sweets, your body will have more cravings even if you’ve just eaten a full meal (This is probably why there’s “always room for dessert”!) If you’re having a tough time getting rid of the sweets, consider healthier snacking options like frozen fruits, yoghurt, or even dark chocolate.


5. Join a dance/fitness/sports club

What better way to stay fit than by surrounding yourself with people who have the same goals? Scout for free dance sessions or sports teams you can get involved in to make fitness an official part of your weekly (or even daily) routines. Another option is to invite your own circle of friends to play ball games or join you in that marathon you plan to register in. Who says hanging out always has to be about lazing around anyway?


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