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5 Hacks to Make Independent Living Easier

Living alone for the first time isn’t always what you imagined it to be. At first, of course, you will be overjoyed with the freedom it entails, no one to ask permission from, no one to disturb you when you have to work. But sooner or later, that joy you feel will be replaced by the overwhelming feeling that you now actually have to do everything on your own.

Now, there’s no one to look after you—cook your breakfast, wash your clothes, clean the bathroom, and pay the bills. You will have to do the things you didn’t need to do before, and it will be difficult at the beginning. Good thing, we are now living in a connected and ‘smart’ world where when you don’t know how to unclog a sink, you can just search for it on Youtube, and you’re good to go!

Here are some of the fool-proof ways to make independent living a bit easier:


  1. Use delivery apps for your grocery.

Doing groceries are fun, but when you have lots of things to do for school, it becomes just a time-consuming errand you have to do. This is why grocery delivery apps are becoming more and more popular nowadays. You can now do groceries in the comfort of your own home. With these, you won’t have to brave the traffic and line up at the cashier. Plus, there’s less chance of you buying things that aren’t on your list!

cook with smart tools

  1. Cook with smart tools.

Because you don’t want to use all your allowance on food, one of the things you have to learn when you live alone is to cook. Start with simple food like fried eggs, stir-fry vegetables, and rice. To make things easier, cook with smart tools that help you cook food that are a little healthier! For example, the non-stick Silkway pans allow you to cook with only just a drop of oil or even no oil. It also uses a patented nonstick PTFE film lamination technology that provides an even & durable surface that stands the test of time.

easy-to-clean pans

  1. Use things that are easy to clean.

Cleaning cooking tools, windows, and bathroom can be such a hassle. This is why you should invest in things that can help you lessen the time you spend on cleaning. For the bathroom, use rubber mats that do not get dirty easily. For the windows, use a microfiber cloth to wipe all those annoying marks away. Meanwhile, for cooking tools like Silkway pans, just use a cloth or foam to wipe off leftover food.


  1. Schedule alarms or send texts to yourself for reminders.

Now that you live alone, you do everything on your own: from ordering potable water, paying the bills, and even routinely cleaning the range hood in the kitchen. Take advantage of your smartphone’s function and set alarms and schedule text messages to remind you of these chores. This way you will never forget to do these important errands!


  1. Enroll in mobile banking

Living within your allowance money is challenging in itself, don’t make the act of paying the bills add to that burden! Enroll in mobile banking and pay your bills online. It is convenient, free, and saves you time.


See, independent living is manageable when you take advantage of the right tools! For more stories that will help you navigate your college life, check College life at Edukasyon.ph. For more information about Silkway Pans, follow its Facebook page and check out its products on Lazada.