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5 Interesting Careers in Agriculture

The Philippines is endowed with rich agricultural resources- from its vast greeneries, landscapes, and other areas for husbandry, agriculture makes up one of the largest industries in the country. It is one of the leading sources of employment, providing millions of jobs, especially in rural areas. Farming and fishing are two of the most common sources of employment for people in agriculture, but did you know that there are other jobs in this industry? Here are more agriculture-related careers that you can try:


Agricultural Economist

Agricultural economists provide forecasts of economic setting in agriculture based on the information that they gather from various data sources. They specialize in understanding the economic activities that happen within agricultural markets and are always on the lookout for trends that can affect an individual or organization’s production. There are a number of schools that offer courses in Agricultural Economics like the University of Southern Mindanao and the University of Southeastern Philippines.



Ever wondered how people create new breeds of plants that differ in color, size, and shape? A career in Horticulture can help you answer that! Horticulturists use scientific knowledge and methods in cultivating and propagating new variety of vegetables, herbs, and other plants, as well as fruits for human consumption or other utilities. They provide information regarding the creation of new plant strains and evaluation of growing techniques suited for plants to help farmers. For example, a horticulturist will conduct research about pest and disease control in order to produce new varieties of plants that have greater resistance to disease. Aside from agriculture degrees offered by universities, you can also check TESDA’s Horticulture NC II short courses.


Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on the design, construction, and development of farming machineries. They are the ones who integrate technology in various activities like forestry, farming, and aquaculture. They design and test different agricultural equipment in order to ensure that machineries work properly. Agricultural Engineers are also concerned with providing advice on issues related to waste and pollution management, as well as designing and supervising food-processing plants. University of the Philippines – Los Banos, Visayas State University, and Central Luzon State University are some of the universities with CHED Centers of Excellence in this field.


Animal Scientist

Animals like carabao and cow are widely used in the country for farm use. Animal Scientists play an important role in maintaining the nutrition, reproduction, and development of these livestock animals. Being an animal scientist provides you with a lot of career opportunities whether in research labs, private industries, or field work. Animal Scientists investigate and advise farmers on how to build better housing for their animals, handle wastes, and increase their production. If you are interested in taking a course in Animal Science, Mindanao State University, Nueva Vizcaya State University, and Pampanga State Agricultural University are some of the schools in the Philippines that offer this program.



Agronomists conduct scientific research regarding the cultivation of crops. They work with farmers to help them grow their crops in a sustainable way. Agronomists look for ways to increase the productivity of soils, while also improving the quality of seeds and the nutritional value of the products. There are many schools in the country that provide courses in Agronomy including Benguet State University, Central Mindanao University, and Abra State Institute of Science and Technology.


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