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5 Most Sought After University Events in Visayas

Aside from the academic performance, it is no doubt that campus culture poses a great influence on every student’s life. School activities like intramurals, orientations, school fairs and festivals not only promote camaraderie, but these gatherings also provide students with a sense of belongingness and pride.

Aside from its great natural resources and wonderful sceneries that serve as a paradise for the students, Visayas also hosts some of these much-awaited student events yearly. Get pumped for these cool events that both local and visiting students will enjoy!

Hibalag Booth Festival – Silliman University

One of the highlights of the Silliman University foundation celebration, Hibalag is a weeklong celebration that features exhibitions of different booths that students can visit and participate in. Students from inside and outside of the university can come and enjoy the festival. “Hibalag” came from the Visayan colloquial term that means “to gather” or “to meet”. Aside from the booths, some of the much-awaited programs also include the Mr. and Ms. Silliman pageant where Sillimanians would compete with each other to showcase their wit, beauty, and talents. Rock Against Youth Apathy or RAYA is also featured. RAYA is a band competition where contestants use music to tackle important youth issues.

hibalag 2017

Image source: The Official Silliman University Student Government https://www.facebook.com/officialSUSG/photos/a.118346205034862.1073741827.118334485036034/708881149314695/?type=3&theater


Pahampang – University of the Philippines – Visayas

As colorful as the spectacular campus view of the university, Pahampang or Sportsfest is a highly anticipated annual event in UP Visayas. Pahampang is a traditional event that shows the diversity of the university and its students, as well as their creativity and interests through a cheerdance competition. Students express their passion in arts and crafts through eloquent dances and lively costumes as they yell their own cheers, truly igniting the UPV spirit. Usually held before Pahampang is another celebrated program called the HASA, a beauty pageant where straight men wear gowns and swimwears, and show their beauty queen moves as they vie for the crown.


Image source: https://www.up.edu.ph/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/celeste_upv_upvtcsportsfestparade.jpg


VSU – Founding Anniversary – Visayas State University

One of the biggest events in VSU, its founding anniversary celebration mainly focuses on sports, arts, and culture. It features a range of programs including sports tournaments, garden shows, singing contests, mini-concerts, and series of seminars. Highlights of the event include the Anniversary Parade and the “Farmer and Fisherfolks Day”, where farmers and fisherfolks from all over Eastern Visayas gather at VSU to exchange ideas with agricultural researchers, play games with their fellows, and be recognized for their outstanding skills. They also compete with each other in the “Pinaka” Farm Product contest, showcasing their most unique crops.


vsu founding anniversary

Image source: https://www.vsu.edu.ph/articles/news/11-news-obelisk/1337-vsuat93-jackfruit-fiesta

PSD Celebration – University of San Agustin

One of the oldest schools in Visayas, the University of San Agustin celebrates the feast of its patron saint, Saint Augustine. The Patron Saint’s Day is held in the month of August with themes all centered around upholding the values of the institution. Programs and competitions like Cheerdance, Intramurals, Literary Contests as well as Music Festival are conducted in the different parts of the campus, highlighting the skills and talents of San Augustinians. One of the much-awaited event is the Augustinian Film Festival where students show their passion in filmmaking while also tackling current issues that matter to students.

Image source: Cherry Nedula http://chechenedz.blogspot.com/2014/08/patron-saints-day-sadsad-sa-san-agustin.html

Festival of Lights and Music – Central Philippine University

Every month of December, the Central Philippine University celebrates the Festival of Lights and Music. The whole campus is decorated with bright colorful lights accompanied by Christmas carols that can be heard all over the area. Food kiosks, entertainment rides, and singing competitions also bring life to the celebration of the yuletide season but the main event is the amazing fireworks display held at the university’s Centennial Walkway witnessed by the whole Centralian community.

festival of lights and music

Image source: C. Mendoza http://www.cpu.edu.ph/cpucmsv2/?p=438


festival of lights and music

Image source: R. Parohinog http://www.cpu.edu.ph/cpucmsv2/?p=438

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