5 Online Courses To Boost Your Productivity In School
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5 Online Courses To Boost Your Productivity In School

When it comes to school work, how productive are you? Being productive doesn’t mean being busy (or looking busy) all the time. By definition, productivity means, “getting the results you want with less time and effort.” Are you getting top-notch grades without sacrificing your leisure time and extracurriculars? Do you submit your reports and papers on time instead of last-minute? Or are you a procrastinator whose groupmates are constantly reminding you of deadlines? 

Don’t let the stress of high expectations, information overload, laziness, and multiple deadlines get to you; here are five online classes you can take to boost your productivity in school!

1. Work smarter with Time Management

Are you easily overwhelmed when you have several tasks? Do you feel like you’re constantly running out of time? Always rushing to finish a project in one big chunk? Try out this course so you can manage your deliverables! Proper time management means the ability to use your time effectively. The habit will teach you how to do goal-setting, set priorities, and organize your tasks, along with various tools and recommended readings. After you finish the course, you get to take some fun quizzes to test out your new knowledge! 

Once you create your personalized schedule, you’ll be able to handle the workload without breaking a sweat.

  • Course Duration: 4 weeks, 1 hour per week

2. Get organized with Bullet Journaling 

Speaking of tools, bullet journaling is an excellent tool to skyrocket your productivity! Bullet journaling (or BuJo) is a streamlined system of taking notes to help you keep track of everything in your life. A bullet journal is a combination of a day planner, diary, and notebook. And it’s different from pre-formatted planners from your favorite coffee shop! The beauty of bullet journaling lies in how customizable and forgiving it is as an organization tool. You don’t need to fill it up every single day, unlike your ordinary planner. 

This course will help you create your own organization system that’s perfect for your personality. At the start of the lesson, you’ll decide how to make your bullet journal (whether simple or super creative) and what type of journal it’ll be. It can be a diary, vision board, calendar, to-do list, or anything you want! Planning can be fun when you learn how to do it your way. Once you map everything out in bite-sized chunks, you’ll be able to visualize your goals (and have creative fun while you’re at it). 

  • Course Duration: around 5 minutes for 7 days (suggested)

3. Break Your Cycle of Procrastination

Is your motto, “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?” Well, you might get lackluster grades on those projects that you did at the last-minute or half-heartedly. Break your unproductive habits with this one-hour course and gain perspective on why avoiding a task will cause your body even more distress.

Take a look into the science behind why procrastination happens along with other subconscious techniques. You can stop labeling procrastination as an excuse that only lax students make; while the stereotype of procrastinators being downright lazy might be true, our brains are wired to make it happen. Learn techniques on how to support yourself and work when your brain doesn’t want to. Additionally, learn to distinguish priorities: what’s important to you versus other people, and use this knowledge to motivate yourself. 

  • Course Duration: around 5 minutes for 10 days (suggested)

4. Feel determined with a Motivation Starter Pack

Maybe you’ve actually got all the tools you need to be productive. So what’s the problem? Answer: You’re lacking motivation. Luckily, there’s a course for that, too! This class called, “Motivation Starter Pack” will ask you to reflect on who you are and what are your fears. The course will also guide you on how to make a daily plan to transform your thoughts into action steps. Try it out; it’s only half an hour long!

  • Course Duration: 31 minutes 

5. Become an effective Project Manager

Maybe your group is the reason your thesis isn’t moving. No one’s been doing anything for weeks because the deadline seems far away. Or you end up doing work equivalent to five groupmates: research, paper, presentation, video shoot, and printing materials. No wonder you’re not productive in your other classes! The solution? Learn how to delegate tasks with this Project Management course. 

Project Management—the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team—is an important leadership skill you’ll need anywhere, from school to your future office. Here, you’ll learn about group dynamics, improve your working relationships, and learn how leaders design solutions and execute ideas. 

  • Course Duration: 2 weeks, 3 hours per week

And you’re done! However you choose to boost your productivity in school, it’ll be worth it when you find yourself with more time to relax with your loved ones or pursue your passion.

Looking for more online classes to make school life easier? Discover nano courses to become an effective student or other short courses and degrees on our Online Education portal. 

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