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5 People To Ask When Deciding For A College

Being in Grade 12 is such a bittersweet, emotional rollercoaster.

There’s that undeniable excitement for what’s ahead a.k.a college, but at the same time, there’s also that looming feeling of fear and anxiety combined (send welp!) for not knowing what’s ahead a.k.a college… again. Where do you fit in, really?

Know that what you’re feeling is normal, and completely valid. Everybody gets it at some point! After all, it’s your future we’re talking about. Usually, this restlessness comes from indecision and a dozen unanswered questions. What course should you take, what major to specialize in, and then there’s the question of WHERE. There are literally thousands of schools to choose from, how do you find the best one for you?

Before you know it, you’re already trying to figure out your whole life even before you hit 20 #realtalk. So before you lose it, STOP. Take a deep breath, and list down your game plan and questions. For starters, here are 5 people you can ask for help:


1. School alumni

It’s one thing to say it’s a good school, another thing to experience it for yourself. While you’re still weighing your options for college, ask friends who are alumni of your prospect school. There are important bits of information you should know about a school that won’t simply be found on brochures and websites. Listen to their #nofilter stories and let their experiences convince you!

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2. Orgmates

Connections are great, especially when it helps connect you to the right opportunities. Who knows, your bros and sisses in the org might offer great help in your school hunt! Check your org database, and see if you have orgmates who have connections with your school of choice. Do they recommend it? Have bad experiences working with it? Consider all these insights. #Networking101

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3. Teachers and faculty

If there’s someone who knows your work performance and has tangible evidence to back it up, it’s your school’s teachers and faculty! (Read: they hold your grades!!) Maximize your consultation hours, and set a sit-down appointment with them. Ask them suggestions for schools, or even courses, that they think fit you best based on your academics. They might not help you with your assignment, but they sure would be more than willing to help you with this one. Go raise your hand!

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4. Friends

Of course! You. Should. Ask. Your. Friends. Who else sees your unguarded self and knows your wildest dreams than your circle of closest friends? While they may or may not look like it, your friends can offer valuable insights when you’re deciding for college. At worst, they’ll run out of suggestions and just convince you to choose the same school as theirs. And tbh, that ain’t a bad idea at all. #squadgoals

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5. Family

When it comes to making major, major life decisions such as choosing your college, it should be a given to consult your family first with your plans, especially your parents. Not only are they more mature and experienced in life, considerations like financial concerns and possible living setup (e.g. dorm life) are things you can’t just opt to leave them out of.



Deciding for a college is not an eenie-minie-miny-mo kind of situation. When it comes to life decisions like this one, you are better off well-informed with all possible options and surrounded with people who will help you process every single one. Don’t worry, we’re definitely sure you will find THE school for you!

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