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5 People You Can Run to for College Advice

College is not a walk in the park. Often times, students will find themselves in a different crisis that can be very hard to face while focusing on your studies. It’s important to know that you have someone you can run to for college advice.


The old reliable. Our parents and relatives have always been our primary source of information and advice. They have the life experiences that you can learn from, they know you best, and only want what’s good for you.

Teachers and Guidance Counselors

Your guardians. Always by your side, since you started learning basic literacy skills – all the way to solving complex algebraic equations. They understand your competency levels the most and the academic system itself. They give the best advice.


Your peers that have your back. They probably are going or have gone through the same things that you are experiencing. More than just giving words of encouragement, they empathize and motivate you.

Successful Alumni

Take advantage of your Ates and Kuyas who have done it. Don’t be afraid to ask schoolmates from . They have struggled, persevered, survived, and succeeded. They know all the ins and outs of the application process. They know how confusing it can be – they would be more than willing to help underclassmen out.


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