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5 Reasons You Should Study Anthropology

Anthropology has been wrongly regarded as a boring topic in college, yet, it talks about the most interesting creature in the world–YOU, a human. Perhaps, some people might even think it deals with dinosaurs and fossils, and confuse it with Archeology!


Anthropology focuses on people and their culture, their past and present. Anthropology aims to answer the million-peso question: “Who am I?”, “Why am I here in this world?”, or “What is my purpose in existing?”. It will allow you to explore fascinating topics such as the evolution of man, social relations, and many more. If you are considering taking this course or are just curious, here are 5 more reasons that will definitely make you want to enroll in an Anthropology class now:

Discover interesting insights about humanity

Studying anthropology can supply you with helpful knowledge about why people’s behavior vary from culture to culture. Why Asians seem to be more conservative compared to the liberal lifestyle of Western countries? How does the status and role of women in society change over time? As you explore more about the similarities and differences between the groups around you, you become more aware and sensitive. Gaining these valuable insights can benefit you a lot especially in your future career, especially if you plan to work in a cross-cultural company, or has to deal with foreign people.

Develop strong communication skills

Language is an essential part of every human. Taking a course in anthropology can lead you to a linguistics class or elective, the study of languages. Have you ever wondered how many languages the world speak? Why is Latin considered a dead language? Or why do the English and British spelling different from each other? Linguistic Anthropology can answer that, too! Learning about these things can help you gain a broader understanding of how languages develop and change over time which will, in turn, help you communicate more effectively.

Learn how society shapes the way you live

One of the most interesting aspects of taking an anthropology class is that you will be exposed to the discipline of psychology. Humans behave not only because of their own personality, biological composition, or neurological functions, but also because of the environment they are in. Psychological anthropology seeks to answer some of the emerging issues that affect society nowadays and if our current culture is the main factor that drives it?

Unravel the mysteries of the past

If you are a big fan of learning more about the past, studying anthropology might thrill you. Many people may not actually know it but archeology is one of its branches. Learn more about the way people lived thousands of years ago and how it evolved to its present day forms, from their jewelry, tools, fabrics, relics, or even buildings.

Discover how unique you are

Has it ever occurred to you how people’s size, color, and physical features vary by region and by continent? There’s a part of anthropology that deals with that, too! Biological/physical anthropology revolves around different processes that involve the evolution of humans. How did your ancestors’ bones, muscles, and organs functioned in order for them to adapt, survive, and reproduce across time?


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