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5 Things to Consider when Entering College

1. Tuition – Education can be a significant investment but entering college is not cheap. Tuition fees may vary from ‎₱0 to ‎₱20,000 per semester or go as high as ‎₱120,000 per semester. Depending on your family’s financial status, your school choice will have to consider tuition fee affordability. But let this not be the most important point when you are considering a college. There are scholarships and financial programs offered by different institutions after all.

2. Cost of living – This is important for you to find out, especially for those moving to a new place for College. There’s more to just paying for schooling. Basic necessities are still needed and prices may differ in the province compared to the city. To compute for your cost of living you might want to check out the following: (1) Cost of food, (2) Transportation around the city, (3) Rent, electricity, and water.

3. Local language – The country has a wide variety of dialects. The local language barrier can become a hurdle. Speaking English can get you around school but it’s a different ballgame outside the classroom. This is especially important if you’re studying abroad where they speak a different language.

4. Location – Not all schools are close to home. Some may even be a plane ride away. What is important is that you are comfortable with the environment where you will be staying for the next 4 to 5 years of your life.

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