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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your College Org

All colleges and universities have a range of organizations to offer their students. This way, not only will students be able to learn more outside their academic fields, but they can also explore most of their interests with other like-minded individuals.

Of course, the main challenge when joining any college organization is to figure out what else you should consider before applying.

What’s up with college organizations and why should I join them?

From academic orgs to skill-based orgs, it’s hard not to feel hard-pressed while finding an organization that can enrich your school journey. Most of the time, these student orgs translate into good work experience on your resume, especially after you graduate.

Getting involved in any college organization not only helps you increase more of what you want to do, but it also helps you learn how to explore your interests outside your course. Interacting with various personalities helps you build character and learn more about other fields from other people’s perspectives.

So what should you consider before signing your name up on their register and applying for that interview?

Do you have the time?

If you are to be active in any college organization, you’ll have to find time to balance it with your studies. If you’re about to try out for a sports team, for example, are you willing to allot time for your training on top of your studies?

Do you have the energy?

Ask yourself: are you willing to sacrifice a great deal of your energy just to get involved with an organization? Most organizations tend to hold events after class hours, and some of them can even take away your weekends!

Do you like the culture?

Org culture is very important if you want to join any group. Do your personal opinions align with the org you intend to join and the people you’ll be spending time with? If you’re joining an international organization, for example, are you able to adapt when it comes to meeting different sorts of people from other countries?

Do you have the knowledge and skills?

Although some organizations brush up on the existing skills that you have, some organizations require you to pass interviews and tests before you can join them, similar to actual job interviews. Media organizations, for example, require a certain love for writing when you apply, and athletic teams also look for newcomers with the right aptitude for their corresponding sport. Do you think your existing skills can match what they’re looking for?

Do they have what you need?

Learn to assess what you need from each of these organizations. Do you need the knowledge that this organization is offering to its members? Will it help you improve your skills or do you need it to gain more friends (and your network)?

All in all, choosing your college organizations is the first step to more knowledge and meeting more new faces! Keep all of these in mind and you’ll surely enjoy the rest of your college life!

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