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5 Things to Consider When Scouting for a College

No idea how to pick a college to apply to for college? Here are 5 Things to Consider When Scouting for a College from Edukasyon.ph.

Entrance examinations, dorm hunting, degree program to study, all these and more can seem so overwhelming when you’re college bound! But fear not! With Senior High School happening this coming school year, Grade 10 students have more time to prepare with two more years to plan for the right career for you. The key to a better future is to start early in building your career puzzle.


Location. Location. Location.Choose a school at a location that is accessible to where you live and near areas where you can get your basic supplies. Find a school wherein there are nearby dormitories, a police station, fire station, hospital, banks, food stalls, and grocery stores. At Edukasyon.ph you can select schools based on the geographical region. You can choose to search for a school at a region where you live or the region where your desired school is located.


When planning for college, it’s important that you compute how much is your budget per semester for your education. If you are moving to another location for your studies, consider also your cost of living at that area. This includes your rent, your meals per day, your utilities, and other miscellaneous expenses.Studying is an expensive investment that’s why financial planning is very important especially for those who can’t afford tuition and laboratory fees. There are pricey degree programs like Medicine, Hospital and Restaurant Management, Dentistry, and Culinary Arts. But financial challenges shouldn’t be a hindrance to pursue higher education. That’s when scholarship programs come to picture.


Whether it’s a technical-vocational course or a college degree, every student should be aware of the period of time needed for the career he / she wants to pursue. It’s important that you know the time required for the prerequisite schooling for your desired career. For instance, if you want to be a lawyer it will take you 8 years at least to finish your degree. This includes 4 years of your pre-Law course, 4 years for Law school and half a year for the Bar Examinations.

Licensure Exam Performance

If you are planning for a career that requires a licensure examination, check out the list of high performing schools in the licensure exams. Check the performance in the last 5 years of the schools with the highest population of students. Find a school that has a consistent high passing rate and with several top notchers. This shows the school’s commitment to excellence for their students.

Job prospects

When deciding on where to study for college, do research on the success rate of the school in getting their graduates hired. Check if they have a career placement office that helps their students find jobs when they graduate. Find out if they have career readiness subjects in their curriculum, that will prepare you for entry to the world of work.

Preparing for college is your first step to entering the world of work. Plan well and do your research on the career you desire. Enjoy the process of discovering your options. Choose wisely and you can rest assured of a bright future ahead of you.

File photo: Career Clinic at Manuel L. Quezon High School, March 24, 2015


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