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5 Things You Need for College

Preparing for college? Wondering what school supplies you’ll need?  Here are 5 things you need for college that you sure need to stock up on to be prepared.

1. Pen – Ballpoint pens are still a necessity. Carry at least two with you in or out of school. Black ink is still the most accepted color.

2. Paper – Always carry some around. You can never be too sure when your professor announces a pop quiz. Paper is still very useful for note taking, reviewing, (and doodling!).

3. College Notebook – No need for those individual notebooks per subject. A well kept, sizeable, and organized notebook for note taking will suffice.

4. I.D. – Whether at the registrar or the cashier, canteen or the laboratory, inside the classroom or by the corridors, always make sure to have your valid I.D.s on hand. You would not want to get a violation or have to do community service because of a simple 4”x6” plastic card.

5. Umbrella – Last but probably the most important item in your bag should be an umbrella. Weather can be a bit tricky nowadays. You do not want to be stuck in one area needing to go somewhere else because of a little rain.

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