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5 Types Of Thesis Advisers You’ll Meet In College

“Kailan ka magpapasa ng thesis?”

If submissions are still being accepted, that must have been the entry of every graduating (or gradwaiting) student to the social media post “tell a horror story in five words” circling the internet. A close second would probably be, “Please revise your thesis ASAP.”

Before finally marching down for graduation (Please. Come. Faster.), students fight their final battle and finish their undergraduate research a.k.a T H E S I S. If that word triggers you like crazy, don’t worry. Just putting it out here: this too shall pass.

But while you’re still at it, or if you’re just about to embrace the #thesislife, know that you’re not left to do it all on your own. Aside from your BFFs to cheer you on, you have thesis advisers to guide you throughout the journey.

Here are five types of thesis advisers you’ll meet in college:


1. The Lenient

Everyone loves to work at their own pace, and this type of thesis adviser knows it very well. Given that there’s enough ~pressure~ to do your thesis as it is, The Lenient adviser tries to lessen the burden by giving students the freedom to set up their own deadlines and goals for their research. So you can go ahead and do your own thing, and just ask help from your adviser should you need any!

Thesis Danger: Being too lax with self-made deadlines has the tendency to push back deadlines over and over until *voila* you accomplished nothing. You don’t want that, do you?

tomorrow's another day


2. The Deadline Setter

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the other extreme: the type who eats deadlines for breakfast (with dessert!!). Unlike the easygoing type, this thesis adviser believes pressure does some good too. Through setting deadlines and putting them on calendar, you get a picture of what your #thesislife looks like weeks from now. That means, less room for those shookt moments when you have to submit revisions… right after submitting one!

Thesis Danger: Too much deadlines can fast-track your pacing and may affect the quality of your work. Hopefully, not your mental health too. #keepgoing

man breathing heavily


3. The Ghost

You know they’re there but you just can’t see them. This type of thesis adviser unleashes the detective in you as you try to hunt them down and consult about your research. While they’re almost impossible to find, you can reach them through email and mobile phone… or you know, chat them on messenger. Find them quick before your graduation ghosts you too! *knocks on wood*

Thesis Danger: It’s hard to work with someone you don’t see. Sure, there are online platforms but tbh there are just things that NEED to be discussed in person.

man saying "i'll find you"


4. The Mumsh

Some students, if not most, want this type of adviser. As the name suggests, The Mumsh adviser acts very motherly towards his/her advisees. Under this supervision, you might still have deadlines to meet but the pressure to beat them isn’t as much since your adviser values your health more than what you can bring to the table (literally and figuratively). Plus, your consultation sessions are always filled with TLC!

Thesis Danger: Like the danger of The Lenient adviser, taking your time and eliminating pressure might not always be a good thing. There is a very fine line between resting and slacking off. Beware of the latter!

taking naps over deadline


5. The Superstar

This is the type of adviser that will push you to your limits and bring out the researcher in you! However, though you are surely #blessedt with a highly competent mind to bring your research into life, your superstar adviser is ~most of the time~ MIA because of his/her full-packed schedule filled with meetings and conferences in and out of the university. Don’t worry, you’re still in the running towards becoming… the best undergraduate research awardee!

Thesis Danger: When you’re dealing with a high-caliber adviser who has proven credibility in the academe, the P R ES S U R E to measure up might just be too much to handle. You are, after all, THE protégé of a superstah!

girl saying "we're rooting for you"


When all is said and done, your thesis will not be possible without the help of your thesis adviser. Whichever type you may have to deal with, remember that they are there to help you finish your research (read: not. torment. you.). Maximize your time together and always give it your best shot. The academe’s waiting for your masterpiece, genius!

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