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5 ways to stay fit despite your crazy college schedule

College is the time of endless paper works, late-night exam reviews, surprise quizzes, org events, and other extra-curricular activities. With the 24 hours you have to spend a day, you may be complaining that is is still not enough to have a rest or even go to the gym! We all know that keeping an active lifestyle and staying fit and healthy should be one of the top priorities in life; however, fulfilling it has never been an easy task.


As you try to keep up with the demands of college life, carving out some time to work out may seem impossible. But did you know that there are plenty of ways on how you can incorporate exercise into your daily activities? Whether you want to fit into that jeans you’ll wear in a campus party or have a personal fitspiration, these tips can help you stay fit despite your busy college schedule:


1. Set realistic fitness goals

Before you wear those running shoes or start a yoga class membership, identify first what you want to achieve out of exercising. Do you want to lose some weight? Tone or build your muscles? Improve your stamina? Knowing exactly what your desired outcome is can help you set out strategic workout plans. When you know what to do, you’re more likely to feel motivated and stick to it. Make sure your fitness goals are also healthy, especially your diet, as college students are more vulnerable to fall into the trap of excessive or stress eating. For example, if you are aiming to lose a few pounds for an upcoming org outing, crash dieting is never a good option and can only be detrimental for your health. Fitness is always a balance between nutrition and exercise.


2. Treat it as a long-term investment

View working-out as a personal upgrade and not as a task that will take much of your energy and time. Exercising can be fun and exciting, too! It can also increase your productivity and make you feel better. It all starts with having a positive mindset. In fact, according to a research published in the Health Psychology journal, a person’s overall health and well-being may be directly related to the way they think about exercising. When you regard exercise as an enjoyable activity, your motivation is greater than just doing it because of peer pressure or wanting to please someone. Find an aspect in your work-out that you like most. It can be about the calming feeling, the sense of empowerment, or it can be as simple as the place where you do your routines.

3. Start with a few, quick workouts

A minimum of 2-1/2 hours of moderate exercise or 1 hour of intense exercise per week is good if you want to stay fit. The truth is you don’t really have to feel stressed about working-out. You can incorporate fitness activities into your everyday lifestyle. For example, if your house is not so far from your school, you can opt to walk instead of commuting. You can also try jogging in the campus field in the morning or using the stairs instead of the elevator; just feel free to start small so you don’t burn yourself out.

4. Maximize your school facilities

Is your school offering gym memberships for its students? Then take advantage of that! It will save you a lot of time because you no longer have to travel back and forth and squeeze in a trip to the gym with your tight schedule. This also means you can save more money since you won’t have to pay for membership fees and other charges for fitness clubs. Aside from the school facilities, one good avenue to stay fit while at school is through participating in various campus events like sports fest, intramurals, or volunteering activities. It can help you stay active while also pursuing your passion. This can be an opportunity to increase your network too, or bond with your friends who share the same interest. Together, you can have a support system and motivate each other towards achieving your #fitnessgoals.

5. Set a schedule that you can actually follow

Schedule a specific workout time that you can commit to every day. Make sure that it fits efficiently with your class schedule. You can exercise early in the morning before going to school, or after your classes. Post-class workout can provide you with energy especially if you’re up for some late-night book readings. Most importantly, get yourself some rest. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your workouts will just be useless and you’ll wear yourself out. Staying fit and healthy does not only include being active throughout the day but also taking some time to rest and let your body naturally recover from the daily stresses. Don’t be too hard on yourself, just relax and have some beauty rest every once in a while!


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