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5 Ways You Can Show Off Your School Pride

“Where do you study?”

It’s interesting how this question is met with different responses from different people. Sure, there’s just one answer: the name of your school, of course. But for some apparent reason, there’s a fine line separating students who answer this question with such eagerness and those who would rather answer it coyly. Often times, that line is called school pride. Which student are you?

While going to school may be a lot to take in at first, you know… all those first few quarters or semesters of adjusting and coping with the school’s culture, remember that it’s just gonna take a matter of time before you come around and consider your alma mater a second home too.


But while no one knows how long that’ll be, there’s no doubt that every student has an innate sense of school pride within them right on their first day on campus. It may be all-out support for some, others a rather quiet wave of support but at the end of the day, they’re one and the same.

Take down notes and flaunt your school pride even more with these five ways. Ya ready?


1. Wear your school colors.

What can be more obvious than wearing your school colors, right? Show your school spirit by filling your wardrobe with campus shirts and university jackets. If you wanna do it a lil lowkey (read: you can’t always wear the same thing every day, of course!!), there’s A TON of other school-specific merch you can go for. Think pens, caps, lanyards. A cute sticker on your laptop counts too!

two friends passing a cap


2. Take it to social media.

As if students aren’t naturally doing this one yet, we’re putting it out here: let social media do what it does best and give a platform for students to share their ~feels~ about their universities. Post a photo of you hanging out with your BFFs in the school cafeteria, tweet a funny thing your professor said, or update your stories with aesthetic hangout spots on campus. You know what to do! (read: don’t forget the #hashtag)



3. Memorize your school hymn.

There’s no university policy or grade component that says you have to memorize your school hymn… or else. But also, there shouldn’t be a need to persuade students to do it. It’s like your battle cry, your fight song! Songs like this can give you an instant confidence boost when you feel like giving up on a difficult subject or your thesis. Just imagine your graduation! But while you’re still studying your way to that day, memorize it and sing every word loud and proud! Maybe sing it in the next intrams for now?

running across field


4. Participate in school events.

Nothing speaks school pride louder than students who get involved in their school, for reals. What better way to show love for your alma mater than supporting school-related events and activities, right? After all, there’s so much more to school than attending classes (read: it’s important but it’s NOT everything!!). Whether it’s an interschool sports game, school-wide campaign or a volunteer opportunity, your school spirit shows when you let your voice be heard or your presence felt. Participate!

art club booth


5. Study hard, play harder.

If there’s such a thing as an epitome of school pride, it might just be this: study hard, play harder. At the end of the day, being a student who is able to balance academic excellence and extracurricular activities shows just how much you value your school. You are, after all, a student first before anything else.

Study hard that it reflects your school’s value for quality education, but play harder that proves you know how to have fun too. Often times, these two make people want to join in too! Don’t you want that? Now, there’s more to the fam!

students at the hallway


There are more than five ways to show off your school pride. If we were to list ‘em all down, who knows when we’ll finish? But while we’ll keep it short and sweet with these five, you can go ahead and support your alma mater the best way you know how. School represent!

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